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Yongsan E-Sports Stadium

18th June 2007

Don’t you want to feel dynamic cultures of Korean youngsters? The cultures are so fascinating that you don’t want to lose a chance to see. There is only one place in Seoul to see their cultures all together, which is “Yongsan E-sports Stadium”. It is the first stadium in the world, only used for computer games. You might be unfamiliar with this stadium. But once you get there, you will know that Yongsan E-sports Stadium presents you with many interesting things; a high level of games played by professional gamers, recent information of popular computer games and some shows made by talented Korean youngsters.

You can see a high-level of computer games played by professional gamers like Starcraft, Warcraft, etc. You might think, “What it would be a big difference with my game?” But there must be a big difference you cannot even imagine. Professional gamers usually spend more than 10 hours a day to play computer games, which is their job, not their hobby. Some of them make good money as much as a salary of pro-baseball players or pro-soccer players. And the gamers show their games in Yongsan E-sports stadium which a lot of youngsters want to see. If you want to see high skills of computer games, or if you want to compare it with your skills, you should come to Yongsan E-sports stadium.

Yongsan E-sports stadium also has a variety of recent computer game’s information. On second floor in the stadium, there is some place where you can enjoy the newest computer games for free, playstation, X-box and many other games. Every computer game company shows their state-of-the-art game in the stadium to find out how people react to their game before releasing it. So we can play the newest games which are not even released in the market. Furthermore, people can find out what games would be their tastes. If you like the new game after experiencing it, you can buy it right there. With hundreds of the newest computer games, you might not be unaware of the passage of time.

On every Friday night, the stadium has a show that you cannot miss. Korean B-boys are showing their rap and breaking dance in the show, which has already been acknowledged in the world by winning many world dancing contests. Many Korean youngsters are coming to the stadium to enjoy Friday night fever of the stadium all together. Besides, the show is so famous among B-boys of the world that many B-boys from other counties come to the stadium to see what the best breaking dancing is like. Like this, Korean youngsters are making a big party in the stadium every Friday night.

Aren’t you already excited? Yongsan E-sports stadium has much more meanings than any kinds of normal stadium for Korean teenagers. It is a liberated area where our kids are getting rid of their stress and making a new culture by watching computer games, doing computer games and having a big party. You might as well see it directly if you want to feel Korean youngster’s culture. The Yongsan E-sports stadium is located in the I-park mall connected to number 4 gate of Yongsan station. It opens from 10AM to 11PM every day, except Monday. If you need more information, feel free to call 016 9797 8707.


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