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Wol-gok Health Land

17th June 2007

“Do you want to relax as you experience Korean culture?” ‘’Jim jil bang’ may be the place you are looking for!” Jim jil’ room is like a hot igloo or a dry sauna. Spending a day at the ‘jimjil’ room has become a cultural phenomenon for people of all ages. In Korea, men and women of various of ages enjoy going to ‘jim jil’ rooms to relax and to interact with one another. If you are interested in the Korean language or culture, it is a great place to learn by interacting with others through cultural experience. Not only will it show you a glimpse of the Korean bath culture, it will give you an experience you will never forget. Wol-gok Guhn-kang Land or Wol-gok Health Land can be found near Wol-gok station. By the time you leave Wol-gok Health Land, you will be a better singer, healthier, and relieved of your daily stress.

Wol-gok Health land has many fun, entertaining activities for people of all ages. Karaoke is one of the many activities that is located on the fourth floor, on the very right side of the corner. There are four karaoke rooms available for you to use at the price of 500 won for each song that you desire to sing. Three out of four rooms are very small, thus they hold four people whereas the fourth room holds eight people. For those who are not familiar with Korean pop songs, there are outdated English pop songs available to you. Since the room is private, feel free to practice any songs you want in comfortable clothes. After the screaming, laughing, and singing, you will be will filled with unexpected energy and be ready to take the next adventure as a better singer.

Another activity that is popular at Wol-gok Health Land is the health club or fitness club. The fitness club is located on the fifth floor right in front of the stairs. The estimate size of the fitness club is 30 ‘pyeong’ or square units of area with mirrors all around the three walls; the fourth wall is made into a transparent window that allows people to have an outside view of the street. The fitness club is open for all ages, usually from teenagers to adults, from 8 in the morning till 12 midnight and free without extra fees. Also they play mostly techno music to get you ready and energetic while you work out. On weekdays, Wol-gok Health Land provides free programs such as aerobics, diet dance, and well-being yoga from 11 in the morning till 6 in the evening. There are different types of equipments to work out your arms, legs, and back. The popular equipments that people occupy are the treadmill, indoor cycle exercise bike, and the chest press; thus you may have to wait 5 to 10 minutes between 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. During the time are waiting, you may use other equipments that are not occupied. Although the floor cold, you are not provided shoes or any type of footwear, thus you should take caution not to drop the weights as you exercise. After pumping weights or running on the treadmill, you will feel stronger, healthier, and your body mind and body will be refreshed.

Once you have worked out, it’s time for you to relax by entering the two different ‘jimjil’ rooms located on the second floor of the building. Both of the ‘jimjil’ rooms consist of a different theme; the cold room, and the hot room. First, you would enter the cold room which is a small cubical room where the four symmetric walls are all made out of ice. The cold room has the affect of relieving you stress by rapidly cooling down your body temperature. The room is like a freezer, hence as soon as you feel the chills running down your spine, it’s time for you to exit the cold room and enter the hot room. The hot room is twice the size of the cold room. Within seconds of entering, you will notice a mild yet blissful fragrance of herbs mixed with a salty aroma. The floor is covered in big round salts and the walls are embedded with mineral stones such as Cobaltain Calcite, Citrine Calcite, and various types of marbles. This room is hot; therefore it helps circulate your blood from your heads to your toes. Also, you start to sweat as your body relaxes while it is being massaged by the round, pebble-like salts from the floor. Entering both hot and cold ‘jimjil’ rooms will help your pores get rid of all the dirt and leave your skin flawlessly smooth as well as relax your tense body by helping you forget about your daily stress.

At Wol-gok Health Land, you will be able to practice singing, be physically healthier, and be able to release all your stressful problems all within the budget of 10,000 won. Wold-gok Health land is open twenty-four hours, seven days a week. The entrance and clothing fee from 5:00 in morning till the 7:00 in the evening is 6,000 won and 7,000 won from 7:00 in the evening till 5:00 in morning. Wol-gok Health land provides free-use of towels, soap, and toothpaste; you must bring your own shampoo, toothbrush, and other bath necessities. However, if you forgot to bring any, you may buy bath products there at various prices from 500 won to 5,000 won. To get to Wol-gok Health Land, you must get on line number 6 and get off at Wol-gok station, exit number 2. From exit number 2, walk straight about 100 meters until you see Wol-gok Gam-ri Church on your right, then turn right and walk straight about another 100 meters until you see a building with a flashing sign that says, “원곡건강랜드.” For more information, check out their homepage at http://home1/moatv.com/wolgok/index.htm or call 02-919-2266.

Mee Kyung Choi (Mickie)

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