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18th June 2007

How unfortunate would it be if the travelers visited Korea and left without trying a meal from ‘Tov’? Very sad! What is ‘Tov’? It’s a fusion Korean restaurant located by a marvelous Baekun lake in An-Yang Si that offers not just a great food and service, but the view and a lasting experience. The name ‘Tov’ means good in Hebrew and the restaurant is run by this popular soccer player, Ahn-jung Hwan’s mother and his wife. It is one of the Korea’s tourist attractions for people of all ages. Tov give full satisfaction in all ways with delicious food, beautiful sights and a healthy feeling.

First and foremost, the important factor in choosing a good restaurant is the food. The food at Tov is amazing. There we can taste Korean dishes added with bit of Japanese and Italian style. First time visitor usually won’t be able to know what to order but here in Tov, they offer different ranges of set menus for the customer’s convenience; green soured cool cucumber soup to keep your tongue cool and fresh, a sweet orange warm pumpkin soup, delicious white tofu nicely mixed with mushrooms, Tang-Pyeong Chae which is a jelly with mixed vegetables, pork with mixed vegetables along with Mill Jun Byeong, a thin tortilla made of corn, and a fried fish along with a seasoned raw tuna fish followed by the soybean soup with many side dishes. That sounds like quiet a lot to digest, right? But the courses are designed so that that by the time you put your dessert spoon down, you feel the portion was just right. The amazing set menu starts with just above 25,000 Won. For dessert you will be served Korean traditional beverage with small dishes of fruits; Shik-hae or Soojung Kwa, a sweet beverage to smooth your stomach and make you relaxed. Every course has its’ own unique taste that is suited for both foreigners and local alike and you will enjoy guessing what will come next each time you finish the different thing.

Now it’s time to move on to out next favorite topic: the view. Baekun Lake where Tov is located, the view is absolutely stunning. Tables are set so that al guests are able to enjoy the tranquil view of the lake. Once you enter the restaurant, you will be escorted up stairs where the wooden floor spreads out and supported by clear wall to wall windows. The interior is very simple, white and modern with a hint of Korean traditional style. Once the sun goes down, the night view adds a very classical feeling with the moon reflection on the lake. A serving of warm green tea and the low classic music will relax your mind and prepare your soul to receive the experience.

At last but not least, Tov gives you a healthy feeling. After finishing your meal, put your shoes on and walk around the garden located right out side the restaurant, have a chat and feel the wind that passes by the lake. If you feel like walking around the lake, you may do this as well. Having a great meal in a wonderful environment and taking a walk sure will get rid of all the stress and just keep your mind more fresh and relaxed. Out side the restaurant, more entertainments await; clean air, quiet water movement, birds, and sound of the crickets. As the Korean saying ‘An apple in a day keeps a doctor away’ goes, a joyful meal at Tov will definitely keep a doctor away.

Okay how do you experience this wonderful part of Korea? Where can you find this amazing place? Tov is opens from 11:30am~3:00pm, 5:00pm~10:00pm every day except Sunday. Lunch menu is 17,000 Won and dinner sets starts at 25,000 Won. To get here, take the subway, blue line number to off Indeokwon Station; find exit 2, take the town bus number 2, and get off after 5steps. You will see Tov on your left. Parking is available as well. Call 031-426-7001 for reservations. Tov is a restaurant where it not only satisfies you with a wonderful food but also a breath taking view and makes you feel healthy.

김유나 Youna Kim

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