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The Foret52, sweet time for great foods

18th June 2007

Do you want something more than a normal restaurant? Do you want a familiar place like your home? The Foret 52 is a restaurant worth visiting because it has a familiar and warm atmosphere, exellent foods and drink and interesting accessories.

The Foret means a forest in French. As the name means, the Foret 52 makes you feel warm and comfort. First, when you enter the Foret, you will see the wooden floor, wooden tables and chairs, which give you a feeling as if you are in a small forest full of trees and leaves. In Foret you can also listen to soft and light music like soft jazz. People talk pleasantly with their friends hearing peaceful music. Due to the friendly atmosphere, many girls love to go there. But the Foret is also desirable for the man who wants to spend pleasant time with his girl friends. The Foret is a proper place for refreshment. You can go there from 10am to 9pm on weekdays and from 10am to 5pm on weekend. The Foret closes on Sunday, holidays and every fourth saturday.

The Foret has excellent food and drinks. There are many restaurants around Hankuk University of Foreign Languages. Most of them are kim-chi stew, doen-jang stew or boo-dae stew with cooked rice. But people sometimes want something different. Unlike any other rice restaurants, you can choose sandwich or rice roll. You select the type of food you want, for example big or small size, that is very reasonalble. There are also various choices in tasty. If you prefer a vegetable diet to a meat diet, you can eat ‘sweet pumpkin and potato’. If you are on a diet, you can eat ‘chicken theriyaki and sweet pumpkin’ that is made of chicken breast and song-i mushroom with chili sauce. ‘Tuna cheese corn salsa’ is one of the most popular menus. The fruit juice like kiwi or strawberry is also good for your health. There are not only fruit juice but coffee and fruit smoothie. In addition, it is also a strong point that you can buy a unique cake by only order production. There are many cake figures like house or man and woman. When you are looking for a special present, the cake will give you satisfaction. Rice rolls and sandwiches range from 3300won to 5100won and cakes range from 15000 to 30000won according to size and design. The healthy drinks cost from 2000 to 4500won.

The Foret is not only a restaurant but also a accessory shop. That is somewhat odd but very interesting. Suppose that you ate delicious foods, talked with your friends and also bought pretty earings and hair bands. That sounds very pleasant. The Foret has earings made of precious stone, necklaces and hair bands. The price of an attractive hairband is 5000won. To get there, take subway #1 to the Hankuk university of foreign languages station. Go along the street and turn right at the corner of ‘Camore’. Go straight and turn left. You can see the Foret 52 on your left side that is on the second floor of the second building.

The name of 52 means the story of the bible that Jesus gave hungry crowd enough foods with five loaves of barely bread and two fish. Like the name the Foret 52 always tries to provide delicious food and drinks. And you will be also restful with sweet scent of fruits and wooden interior. Accessory shopping at a restaurant is also unique experience. Although the Foret is a small place of 6 tables, the restaurant gives you much more pleasant food time.

허명례 (Betty)

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