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Must Go Jak-up-sil study cafe

18th June 2007

If you are tired of sight-seeing, how about relaxing while reading books or doing something you want like studying or just thinking in a quiet cozy café? I can show you a really great place. That is a book café, called “Jak-up-sil” in Hongdae. I am sure university students will like this place because you can get your work done while eating tasty snacks, the atmosphere is cool, and you can read a lot of books, including the latest releases.

First, you can do your work with great snacks and beverages. You can read books that you bring or that are from the café. In addition to this, you can get your work done. I usually see some people do their work with their lap tops. There is also a public lap top for customers. Since the tables are wide, you can put on whatever you need for your work and do your work conveniently. Some soft chairs are also make you feel good to sit and do something. Moreover, what I like most in this place is delicious food. There are various drinks and snacks such as coffee, wine, beer, fruit juice, tea, bagels, honey butter toast, and so on. Drinking Americano coffee that smells rich with honey butter toast is fantastic! When you feel tired because of hard working or reading, try some yummy snacks, and you will feel better and recharged.

Another reason for my recommendation is the atmosphere. In fact, this book café is quite small. It can accommodate just around 30 people, so you will feel snug. The light is not that bright. It is dim. However, there are desk lamps, so your work or reading is rarely interrupted. Far from being interrupted, it makes the mood restful and cozy. Besides, when night comes, the staffs light some small candles around the café, and it becomes a really beautiful place. The music also makes the atmosphere rich. They usually turn on jazz music. When listening to the music, you may get comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, there are diverse ornaments all around the café. As I went to the café for the first time, I thought the owner had a great sense of decoration. For example, there are cute toys and dolls on the book shelf, small flowerpots, candles, and other marvelous accessories such as a frog shape thermometer on the wall. One of the book shelves is formed as a figure of a snail. It is very interesting. Imagine this; you are reading under the warm light and really good jazz music with some cute friends, while eating sweet snacks. Isn’t it terrific?

Lastly, there are a lot of books, including latest releases in the café. The café owner is reportedly a free-lance writer. He opened the café to make a place where he could put lots of his books. Thanks to his efforts, we can read various kinds of books, covering novels, essays, and magazines. Since it is hard to buy all the books you want because of the expense, it is good opportunity to read some of those in the café, instead of you buying your own. However, it could be a problem that you are a foreigner who cannot understand Korean. Fortunately, if you can read Korean, I am sure you will find really great Korean literatures in that place. There are also some old books that you can even smell of aged ones. On the other hand, if you cannot read Korean, just bring and read your own book at first. I think you can order books you want to read, so you may find the books on your next visit. Try to read those varied books or to order the books you want to read. No matter what you read, you can enjoy your reading in the excellent mood.

Now, I believe you really want to go there. Am I right? When you go there, you will be surprised. At first, you will be surprised at the tasty food, at the cozy atmosphere that contains exquisite music and interesting decorations, and lastly at the various books. I will give you some further information of the café. It opens at 12 p.m. and closes at 2 a.m. Drinks range from 4,000 won for America coffee to more than 50,000 won for wine. The costs of snacks are usually between 5,000 won and 10,000 won. To get there, get off at Hongik University station on line no. 2 and come out through gate 5. Go straight and you can see a small crosswalk. Cross the street and right after crossing the street, turn left. Keep walking until you can see a jewelry shop and when you get to the jewelry shop, turn right. Go straight. You can see “Luxury Su Norebang (karaoke)” on your right side while walking. If you pass the karaoke you can find another crosswalk. Cross the street and keep walking for a minutes, and you can arrive at a convenience store named “Bestall.” There is a small street on the right. Go into the street and you can see the book café “Jak-up-sil” on your right. In front of the café, there is a yellow bicycle. It makes you find the café easily. I also put a map together for you.

Emily Park

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Best Galbi in Korea

17th June 2007

Galbi is very famous food in Korea. It is flavored beef and pork which tastes better when it is cooked using charcoal. If you want to try delicious Galbi with your family or friends, Neung Won Galbi is the right place. Neung Won Garden provides good quality of foods, calm atmosphere and a historical site right next to it.

Neung Won Garden chooses the best cuts, which is the best quality of meat. A best cut is very fresh and red which is also juicy and soft. Neung Won Garden marinades meats in special sauce for 24 hours to flavor. Another reason to make the taste even better is that they do not use gas propane but uses charcoal to cook. Cooking with charcoal makes meat more soft because the moisture is kept inside of the meat but using gas propane makes vaporize the moisture on the surface of the meat as well as the inside which make the meat too tough. Neung Won Garden serve various side dishes for free such as many fresh vegetables like lettuces and sesame leaves to eat with meat, mashed potatoes, white kimchi, red kimchi, salad, acorn jelly and many more depending on the season. Naengmyeon, iced noodle, is worth trying after eating galbi because it has cold meat stock, plus strong and chewy noodle. If you like hot foods, you might want to try Bibim Naengmyeon, which is hot and spicy cold noodle with Korean spicy sauce Go Chu Jang. Providing best food is the reason to make people come once more.

Neung Won Garden provides many wooden tables outdoors where many trees are all around. You can feel a light breeze and hear some birds singing. The tables are var apart so it gives you some space compared to other restaurants. It makes you feel as if you are in a park except that someone is serving for you. If you are sick of going to crowded and loud galbi restaurant in the city, Neung Won Garden is the place you can feel relaxed. If you prefer the seats indoors, there is no need to worry. There are tables ready in Korean traditional style building. Even though you need to sit Indian style on the floor, a thin floor cushion is provided. Also, there are air cleaning machines at each table to eliminate the smoke, so it helps keeping the air fresh inside the restaurant and will prevent your clothes from smelling like galbi. Either seat lets customers to have tranquil time with their family or friends.

There is the Seo Oh Rung next to Neung Won Garden which is the 5 tombs of Josun Dynasty kings and queens. The entire area covers about 1,840,000 square meters with many trees and walk roads. You can find information board at front of the main entrance door to the Seo Oh Rung. There are information board at each tomb about who is is for and what kind of life they had. It is interesting to compare each tomb because every tomb has different style. Some looks like just a hemisphere with grass and some looks like little temple which it is not allowed to go inside. Even though it is a historical site, it is more like a large park with many tables and chairs to take a rest. It would be great to take a walk when you have a full stomach after eating at Neung Won Garden. You can also bring some books and mat. Learning about historic information and enjoy relaxing afternoon would be great to spend a day.

In conclusion, even though there are many galbi restaurants, Neoung Won Garden is the place you should experience the best galbi and calm atmosphere to enjoy eating. Also, you will get the chance to take a walk with observing the historical site. Neung Won Garden opens daily at 10:00 AM and closes at 11:30 PM. The price of meal range from 9,000 won for Pork galbi per plate to 35,000 won for beef galbi. Admission for Seo Oh Rung is 1,000 won for adult and 500 won for child age under 18. It opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 5:30 PM. The best time to visit Seo Oh Rung is from May to September. To get Neung Won Garden, you need to go to Nok Bun station, subway line 3(Orange line). Then go to exit number 4 to take the bus number 702. You can also take the bus from subway line 3(Orange line), exit number 3 Won Dang station. You need to get off at the ‘Seo Oh Rung’ bust stop. When you get off from the bus, you can see the Seo Oh Rung and Neung Won Garden is on the left side of Seo Oh Rung, which is 10m away. For more information, you can reach to Neung Won Garden at 02-356-7767. For more information about Seo Oh Rung, please check out the following website.


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Wol-gok Health Land

17th June 2007

“Do you want to relax as you experience Korean culture?” ‘’Jim jil bang’ may be the place you are looking for!” Jim jil’ room is like a hot igloo or a dry sauna. Spending a day at the ‘jimjil’ room has become a cultural phenomenon for people of all ages. In Korea, men and women of various of ages enjoy going to ‘jim jil’ rooms to relax and to interact with one another. If you are interested in the Korean language or culture, it is a great place to learn by interacting with others through cultural experience. Not only will it show you a glimpse of the Korean bath culture, it will give you an experience you will never forget. Wol-gok Guhn-kang Land or Wol-gok Health Land can be found near Wol-gok station. By the time you leave Wol-gok Health Land, you will be a better singer, healthier, and relieved of your daily stress.

Wol-gok Health land has many fun, entertaining activities for people of all ages. Karaoke is one of the many activities that is located on the fourth floor, on the very right side of the corner. There are four karaoke rooms available for you to use at the price of 500 won for each song that you desire to sing. Three out of four rooms are very small, thus they hold four people whereas the fourth room holds eight people. For those who are not familiar with Korean pop songs, there are outdated English pop songs available to you. Since the room is private, feel free to practice any songs you want in comfortable clothes. After the screaming, laughing, and singing, you will be will filled with unexpected energy and be ready to take the next adventure as a better singer.

Another activity that is popular at Wol-gok Health Land is the health club or fitness club. The fitness club is located on the fifth floor right in front of the stairs. The estimate size of the fitness club is 30 ‘pyeong’ or square units of area with mirrors all around the three walls; the fourth wall is made into a transparent window that allows people to have an outside view of the street. The fitness club is open for all ages, usually from teenagers to adults, from 8 in the morning till 12 midnight and free without extra fees. Also they play mostly techno music to get you ready and energetic while you work out. On weekdays, Wol-gok Health Land provides free programs such as aerobics, diet dance, and well-being yoga from 11 in the morning till 6 in the evening. There are different types of equipments to work out your arms, legs, and back. The popular equipments that people occupy are the treadmill, indoor cycle exercise bike, and the chest press; thus you may have to wait 5 to 10 minutes between 6:00 to 8:00 in the evening. During the time are waiting, you may use other equipments that are not occupied. Although the floor cold, you are not provided shoes or any type of footwear, thus you should take caution not to drop the weights as you exercise. After pumping weights or running on the treadmill, you will feel stronger, healthier, and your body mind and body will be refreshed.

Once you have worked out, it’s time for you to relax by entering the two different ‘jimjil’ rooms located on the second floor of the building. Both of the ‘jimjil’ rooms consist of a different theme; the cold room, and the hot room. First, you would enter the cold room which is a small cubical room where the four symmetric walls are all made out of ice. The cold room has the affect of relieving you stress by rapidly cooling down your body temperature. The room is like a freezer, hence as soon as you feel the chills running down your spine, it’s time for you to exit the cold room and enter the hot room. The hot room is twice the size of the cold room. Within seconds of entering, you will notice a mild yet blissful fragrance of herbs mixed with a salty aroma. The floor is covered in big round salts and the walls are embedded with mineral stones such as Cobaltain Calcite, Citrine Calcite, and various types of marbles. This room is hot; therefore it helps circulate your blood from your heads to your toes. Also, you start to sweat as your body relaxes while it is being massaged by the round, pebble-like salts from the floor. Entering both hot and cold ‘jimjil’ rooms will help your pores get rid of all the dirt and leave your skin flawlessly smooth as well as relax your tense body by helping you forget about your daily stress.

At Wol-gok Health Land, you will be able to practice singing, be physically healthier, and be able to release all your stressful problems all within the budget of 10,000 won. Wold-gok Health land is open twenty-four hours, seven days a week. The entrance and clothing fee from 5:00 in morning till the 7:00 in the evening is 6,000 won and 7,000 won from 7:00 in the evening till 5:00 in morning. Wol-gok Health land provides free-use of towels, soap, and toothpaste; you must bring your own shampoo, toothbrush, and other bath necessities. However, if you forgot to bring any, you may buy bath products there at various prices from 500 won to 5,000 won. To get to Wol-gok Health Land, you must get on line number 6 and get off at Wol-gok station, exit number 2. From exit number 2, walk straight about 100 meters until you see Wol-gok Gam-ri Church on your right, then turn right and walk straight about another 100 meters until you see a building with a flashing sign that says, “원곡건강랜드.” For more information, check out their homepage at http://home1/moatv.com/wolgok/index.htm or call 02-919-2266.

Mee Kyung Choi (Mickie)

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Korean barbecue in Seoul

17th June 2007

Korean barbecue is one of the most preferred cuisines by foreign tourists visiting Korea. However, the fact that lots of barbecue restaurants, which look similar to each other, are competing to attract tourists will make it difficult for you to decide where you eat. Hwaroyeon is a distinguished one among them and favored by young Koreans who want to eat barbecue of good quality in a better atmosphere. The restaurant is the best choice for you to try Korean barbecue because it has a clean and cozy inside, various meats of good quality and a convenient location.

First, Hwaroyeon welcomes you with a modern impression and neatness from the entrance to your seat. Customers will first meet the simple but clean entrance. While other barbecue restaurants are littered by customers’ shoes, it doesn’t require the customers to take off their shoes, which makes it look orderly. The inside is decorated by subtle lightning and woods, and walls are covered by light-reddish bricks. Furthermore the inside is well ventilated so that the air inside is quite fresh. Those factors make the atmosphere cozy and comfortable, while other randomly-decorated and unclean restaurants can disturb you to enjoy a meal. The cleanness makes customers feel easy and eager to eat. This is the reason why young Koreans like there. Therefore, at Hwaroyeon, you can have a dinner in a clean and modern environment.

The second reason I recommend Hwaroyeon is that it provides with combinations of various meats. In usual barbecue restaurants, you have to order certain part of meat at least for two people. That means you would meet a very limited choice unless you bring many friends together. However, Hwaroyeon will solve the problem because it serves combinations of different parts of meat, such as ribs, Samgyupsal(pork meat with much lard), Galmeagisal(skirtmeat of pork), and so on. For instance, a couple can order a combination of fillet, ribs, Samgyupsal and jowl meat of pork. Are they delicious? Of course, they are very soft and have delicate favor. They serve also a salad of fresh vegetables with chilly sauce which removes the fatty taste of meats. So you can enjoy various kinds of meat of good quality at Hwaroyeon.

Finally, the location is really nice for foreign tourists because it is located in the center of the city. For tourists, location is critical because they should save time to move. Therefore, any restaurant which is far away from other tourist attractions is not desirable for them even though the place is famous for local people. In this view, Hwaroyeon at Jong-gak is a perfect choice. You do not need to waste your time on buss or subway to get there. You can visit the restaurant after touring The Happy Palace or Insadong, or conversely. Furthermore, if you want to take a walk after eating much, you can find out Cheongyecheon, a walk favored by both citizens and tourist, nearby. Along Cheongyecheon, you will feel refreshed enjoying clear water, smell of various plants, sound of singing insects and beautiful works of art. Hence, no place can compete with Hwaroyeon in location.

In conclusion, Hwaroyeon is definitely recommendable for tourists in light of atmosphere, variety of menu, and location. It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. Price of combination menu including wine for two people starts with 25,000 won. To get there, take subway line no.1, get off at Jong-gak station, and go out to way out no.4. Then turn to right, go straight along the side of Boshingak, and find the restaurant on the left. I hope you enjoy Korean barbecue at Hwaroyeon.

Park Hyo-In

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Dosan Park

17th June 2007

The history, refreshment, romance and gourmet, want to feel them all at once? Tired of busy and noisy atmosphere of the central? Then, try Dosan Park in Chungdam-dong. Known as the trendy hot spot of southern Seoul, Dosan Park provides you the best moment. Here, you can experience the historical museum and tomb, a great walking course and fancy café-restaurants.

Dosan Park is established in the memory of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. Dosan is the pen name of famous historical person Ahn Chang Ho. He is the person who worked for the independence of Korea back in 20th century. In Dosan Park, there is the Dosan Memorial Hall with many historical documents and data like letters in the past. There are also media documents about him to understand better that everyone is able to access freely. When you go right across the main gate, there is the tomb where Ahn Chang Ho is buried. He is with his wife, Lee HyeRyn. Also, many memorial monumentsare in the park and a huge statue of Ahn Chang Ho is in the middle of the park that makes the great photo spot. When we think about tombs, we tend to think about scary place with no one, yet in this memorial park, the atmosphere itself is very peaceful but ironically also very lively with people and things to see like museums and monuments. In Dosan Park, even though this is the park you can also see the history of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho.

The park itself is s wonderful walking course. Moreover, it is one of the most romantic date courses in this area. It is because the park is very well made with many plants and flowers making the park a romantic place for couples. There are many couples shooting their wedding photosespecially during the spring when the flowers bloom. The best part in this park is “The Pine Trees Walking Course”. It is located right behind the tomb of Ahn Chang Ho. The course is not long at all, yet pine tree forest makes the atmosphere very romantic. Not only couples but also this place is perfect for family outing. There are kids facilities available such and jungle gyms and see-saws. Many blooming flowers are wonderful during spring evergreen grass field is the great picnic course for citizens. Also during autumn, falling leaves make the great scenery. Here in Dosan park, you can rest and refresh yourself with nature.

Around Dosan Park, there are many high quality café-restaurants. Two great café-restaurants are right across the main gate. The one called “Walking slowly”is on the left-side. It is the organic caféyet it serves food as well. The seats at the terrace are always hard to get yet once you sit down, you cansee the best view of the park. This place is known for its great coffee and club sandwiches. The other one is “Gorilla in the kitchen”. This place is well-being restaurant with organic main salad dish. Wide selections of salad are well-known. The unique this place is that they have health check-up center at the middle of the restaurant and nutritionists are there for food advice. Both restaurants are relatively expensive yet very high quality. It is always worth to try the food in those restaurants. Maybe trying there best ones like club sandwiches, salad and great coffee would be fantastic. Best café-restaurant will satisfy your need for gourmet.

Dosan Park will give you an opportunity to feel both the past and the present. Memorial museum and tomb will help you to know about the Korean history back in early 20th century, feeling of nature when walking through the park will refresh you mind. Great and trendy café-restaurantsin the neighborhood will make you happy. Dosan Park is open 24hours, everyday. Only the memorial hall opens 10:30-16:00 and closes on Sundays. It’s free for everyone and is open for everyone. The restaurants range from 14000KWON-20000KWON for salad or club sandwiches, 8000KWON for coffee or tea for both café-restaurants. To get to Dosan Park, you have to take the orange line number 3, and get off from the Apgujung station. Go out from the exit number 3.Then walk straight for about 500m until you reach the big crossroad. You will see the Hotel-Sunshine on your left hand side. Then, turn left and go straightfor about 300m, and you will see a cross walk, go straight for about 100m then before you reach a huge buildingwith movie posters; that’s the “Cinecity” building, you can see the wide road called ” River-side walk”. Take the river-side walk on your left side, and then you will see the park immediately. Try having a picnic with your friends or families at Dosan Park, you will never regret it.


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About Jinju sung

16th June 2007

If you want to know about a part of Korea and travel somewhere you don’t know yet, you’d better visit Jin-ju sung(castle) which can be the best place for you. You can enjoy nature, learn about the history of Korea and eat delicious roasted eels. Shall we go there now?

First, aren’t you sick of city life? Here is the place you can share nature. There are many gorgeous trees, beautiful small flowers, singing birds, some small wild animals like squirrels, butterflies and a middle sized river, called “Nam gang” in Jin ju sung. You can have a relaxing time with our family, friends or alone. There are some 100-200 year old and about 15-20 meter trees which have been living since Jo sun dynasty age (before Korea, it was Korea’s name). It will provide you with most relaxing and peaceful time in nature.

Second, here is a chance to learn some part of Korean history. there is a museum which is called “Jin- ju national Museum” it offers a chance to see many aged properties of Korea but mainly all about Jo sun dynasty. This place can be a good place for some people who want to learn about the history of Korea or just know about Korea more, even though you are not very interested in history. Just visit the museum. You don’t need to be under “Have to learn” pressure. And there are other places you can learn or enjoy the history things, one is a temple, named “Ho guk sa”,the other is a big stone. There is an old true story of it; there was a patriotic woman who was a Gi-saeng(It is similar to Geisha), Non gae. When Japanese army had a party on the big stone, she decided to kill the admiral of Japan and held him so tightly and jumped down into the Nam gang. Now it is just a wide plain stone next to the river actually it has this story. So the stone’s name is “Non gae stone” or “yui am – meaning ‘right’ ” when we stand on the stone we can feel the split of Non-gae. You can see her portrait which looks like an old painting on a Chinese drawing paper, read the story and the war story between two countries, Korea and Japan during Jo sun dynasty.Isn’t it interesting? So this place is good to learn about the un-well-known history of Korea.

Last, after having a picnic, are you looking for a restaurant? Here it is. You can go to the street of well-organized roasted eels restaurants in front of Jin ju sung side gate. Jin-ju is widely known for roasted fresh water eels in Korea. Many people want to visit Jin ju not only to go sight-seeing but also to taste the eels.The eel places are almost everyday crowded and noisy because they have so many to-Jin ju visitors. You can have two different taste eels in these restaurants , one is spicy sauced the other is only with salt. If someone like children don’t like spicy food or isn’t good at eating spicy things, it’s ok you’ve got another option with salt! But the eels are kind of fishes so they’re smell strong and fishy, so if you don’t like something fishy, you’d better not choose the eel places, unless you are not in this case, you can enjoy being the place smelling grilled eels. “Roasted eels” is loved by people of all ages and both sexes, it is also known for healthy food. The price is very reasonable, not high and you can be serviced free sodas (in case of good luck) and some side dishes such as Kim chi, salad, sauces which are all free in any eel restaurant. Your hungry stomach will be filled with delicious eels. Choose any restaurants on Eels Street, you never going to regret it!

In conclusion, Jin ju sung is one of the suitable places for tourism in Korea. There is gorgeous nature and some historic place, buildings and scenes inside Jin ju sung which is also important to understand some part of Jo-sun dynasty and Non-gae and you can stay your stomach right after tourism. Don’t miss your chance to go there!! Jin ju sung is open 24 hours and admission is free except from 9 am to 6 pm (which are high-demand times), during 9 hours admission is 500 won/an adult, 400 won/a teenager and free for children. Meals range is from 2,000 won for ra-men to about 15,000 won for roasted eels. You can reach Jin ju sung on foot from Jin ju cross-country bus terminal (see the below map)l, it takes only 5-7 minutes or use a taxi, just say “Chok sung lu ro ga joo se yo. it means “go to chok suk lu”, it is only a base rate (now 1,800won) from terminal to Jin ju sung.

최혜정 (Cindy)

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Cafe Themselves

16th June 2007

Where is the best place in Korea for my foreign friend? It was a hard question to me when my friend from Taiwan visited me a few months ago. I took her to traditional places of Korea like Folk village or palaces, but she didn’t look interested in there. Then, finally, I found the perfect place for my foreign friend. It’s a coffee shop named “Cafe Themselves”. It has the comfortable atmosphere, amazing taste of coffee and sandwich, and a warm service. I was pleased when she said that she really loved the place, and it’s also my favorite place. Now, let me introduce ” Cafe themselves”.

The first reason why it attracts people is because of the cozy atmosphere. When you get into the store, you can sense a faint smell of coffee from everywhere and hear jazz music. The scent makes us feel fresh. With this scent, every chairs and tables is black and white colored. It’s simple and gives people ease. And every wall is made of glass, so you can see the scenery of outside. Especially, it’s romantic to drink coffee on a rainy day as you look at the scenery. Many people come here to be relaxed in comfort.

The second point is about the taste of coffee and sandwiches. There are many kinds of coffee, so you can choose what you want according to your taste. I want to recommand Vanila Cafelatte. It contains Vanila syrup, so it’s sweet like caramel melting in your mouth. Sandwiches are also various with ingredients like tuna, salmon and a variety of vegetables and they smell fresh. If you like coffee and a sandwich, there is no more perfect place than here.

Lastly, they provide a kind service. Every waitresses and waiters gives us warm smile and pleasant service. Last month, I went there with my friend and ordered a cup of coffee. Mistakenly, I spilt my coffee, but they brought me another coffee. They were still smiling, so I felt pleasant even though I made a mistake. Like this, their kind attitude is one of the attracting points.

As I said, Cafe Themselves is an amazing place for people seeking for rest. You can enjoy your time with a yummy sandwich and coffee in a comfortable place. Whenever you need help, waitresses and waiters will provide a good service. That’s why I would like to recommand “Cefe Themselves”. And it is located in Jong-ro 3ga next to the movie theater “Cine-Coa”. You can take the subway line number 1, 3 and 5. It opens from 9am to 11pm, and there is no holiday. Food price is from 3000 won to 5000 won. It is up to kinds of food. The price of coffee is about 4000 won. So.. Are you ready for it?


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Busan’s Nampodong

13th June 2007

Are you planning to visit Pusan? Or are you looking for a place where your whole family can enjoy? Then you should go Nampodong located in Pusan near seashore. Commonly called Nampo-dong, this area actually refers to the streets of Nampo-dong, Chungmu-dong and part of Gwangbok-dong. This place is especially popular with local and international tourists, with lots of tourist attractions to symbolize the city, such as the cinema street PIFF Square in the Theater District, famous food alleys, and the Jagalchi Seafood Market.

If you are a moviegoer, visit the cinema street PIFF Square in the Theater District first. Every autumn, the Pusan International Film Festival, Asia’s best film festival, is held with various events in PIFF square. The Theater District is filled with lots of theaters and different kinds of films including many unusual exotic films are played in there during festival. Many movie stars and famous directors also visit Nampodong during this period, so the whole street is always crowded with people and their excitement. At night, the street lights up with splendid neon signs and the deep hum of a thousand voices is never ended. The bottom of PIFF Square are many hand printings of celebrities whose achievements in movie industry are great. Don’t miss the chance to visit this paradise of film and festival.

Nothing is more important than food on travel. Many kinds of fantastic foods are prepared in Nampodong. There is an alley called the “Original Bossam & Jokbal Alley”. The light and chewy meat of jokbal (boiled pig’s feet) is unforgettable for one who has sampled it once . The soft meat wrapped up with lettuce leaves together with oysters or pickled fish will be very savory. Another food alley called ‘Muk ja gol mok” is filled with food stands selling Dukbookki or Buchimge (Korean style hot cake). When you enter this ally, the tasty and sweet smell and look will attract you to taste them. Especially fried bean curd soup is the most distinct and famous of them. It is a kind of soup containing fried bean curd filled with ground meet. It tastes like O-deng (boiled fish paste) and Oo-dong(Japanese noodle) but has even thicker and rich flavor. In Nampodong, you need not worry about choosing food, all you have to do is just go food alley and taste the fantastic food.

The Jagalchi Seafood Market is must-visit place to visitors who like seafood and foreigners who want to feel Korean folks culture. This is the nation-famous seafood market, representing Pusan. It is always bustling with the vivid accents of tough Gyeongsang-do ajimae (female vendors), the sounds of splashing fish and shoppers’ bargaining. Hole market gives off strong fishy smell of water and savory smell of seafood and the sights of vigorous and joyful people may inspire you. It’s the very atmosphere of our neighbors and working classes in Korea and you may feel what means being alive. Located near sea of Pusan, the Jagalchi Seafood Market offers most fresh seafood in Korea. You can not only buy them for very cheap price but also eat the fresh seafood offhandedly. But just sightseeing around The Jagalchi Seafood Market gave you enough enjoyment.

In conclusion, Napodong is the place where people of every age, every class, and every country coexist and can enjoy together. The excitement and passion of cinema street PIFF Square in the Theater District and fantastic food and traditional culture of folks are always prepared in Nampodong. You can get to Nampo-dong by taking an airport limousine or bus No. 310 or take Subway Line No. 1 and get off at Nampo-dong or Jagalchi (Exit 1). It takes two and half hours from Seoul to Pusan by KTX and about 10 to 20 minutes from Pusan Station to Nampodong. All facilities in Nampodong are available almost 24 hours, and you shold reserve tickets in advance if you want to see movies during festival and all tickets costs 5000won during the period.

Kim Jung Hee

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Chang bar

13th June 2007

How often do you go to a bar? If you seldom go there, one of the reasons might be because you haven’t been able to find a nice place that you like. Here is a bar that you will be satisfied with and might look forward to visiting. If you go to a bar frequently, you’ll be interested in this bar that I’m about to introducing to you. I really recommend this bar which has distinguished characteristics different from others. The name is 窓(Chang). I can say that this bar stands out from others for three reasons; it has a very romantic atmosphere, a wide variety of drinks, and unique and polite service.

窓(Chang) uses various devices to encourage a romantic atmosphere in the aspects of illumination, having a balcony and lovers seats, and music. When you enter the main door, you can see the attractive interior which is mixed with the illumination radiated from the ceiling and reflecting lights. Because it is a little dim, it makes you feel calm and elegant. 窓(Chang) also has installed a tree which has electric lights in the middle of first floor. In addition, there is a candle in the middle of each table. After you take a seat, a waiter or waitress lights the candle. The light from the candle illuminates the partner’s face and reflects off your drinks and the black table top. Furthermore, on the side of the bar on the first floor, there is a balcony with red parasols on lights wired where guests can enjoy the scene outside, with neon signs on the street while enjoying the cool breeze on a summer night. And on the window side on second floor, there are three lover’s seats especially made for couples. They look comfortable and have a proper size for couples. Last, you can listen to calm and classical music there. Within such an atmosphere, you will fall into the romantic atmosphere with your partner in 窓(Chang).

To go with the romantic atmosphere, there are various types of drinks to fit the mood and taste of your party. 窓(Chang) has most types of drinks that people would know and ones that people might not know. When I looked around, I could see many types of drinks on the shelf which is on the wall near bar place. If you go there and order a drink you want, it will most likely be there. The various drinks each have unique taste like sweet, mild, and fruit taste etc. Especially, in case of cocktail, there are six different 6 detailed sorts, such as normal, for woman, tropical fruits, strong alcohol, non-alcohol, and frozen. In case, if they don’t have a drink you want to order on the list, they even make it for you. One day, I went there with my friend and ordered White Russian which is a rare kind of cocktail in Korea. So usually, when I order it at a bar and it isn’t there, I order something else. So as usual, I ordered it thinking that I would order something else if they didn’t have it. The waiter said that it was not on the list but they were willing to make it for me if I wanted it. So, I was able to enjoy my lovely White Russian which was made immediately. What you can enjoy many sorts of drinks will come to you as another attraction of 窓(Chang)

Lastly, there are staff members who can be distinguished from staff members of other bars. They wear black formal suits which normally professional waiters wear in hotel as uniforms. They are suitable for 窓(Chang)’s atmosphere which is perceived as formal and high class even though they just looked young part-timers. They bow sincerely whenever the customer enters and exits the main entrance and when the customer orders something. When you hear their polite and soft voices while being served by them, it seems that you have become a high class person. You can also feel self-conceit, being treated as a master because it is similar to being served by staff members in high class hotel bars, which is quite different from general bars. Therefore, You can experience the distinguished service offered in 窓(Chang)

To summarize, when you go to 窓(Chang), you can definitely fell the romantic atmosphere compounded with the usage of various effects and articles. You may also enjoy the selection of various drinks when you order. Finally, you can experience distinguished service offered at high class bars. Chang opens from 6pm to 3am (4am for Friday and Saturday night). There is no admission fee. The price range for drinks is quite various, from 6000won for Cass or lager beer to 1,200,000 won for a 30 year old Valentine. To get to 窓(창), you can take subway line number 2 to Gang-nam station and come out of exit number 7. Then, walk about 10 meters following from the exit, then you can see City Theater on your right and you can see a side street between the theater and the next block. Go up this street. While you go up, you can see a great house on your left side near end of the road. The street curves to the right. After passing the house, go straight following that street and you will find two tall buildings. Among those, 窓(Chang) is located on 8th floor of the first tall building. Enjoy your time with your lover or companions. You will be able to melt your stress and complications in life away while relaxing there.

The sorts of drinks: Cocktails, wines, whisky, beers, and even champagne, tequila and rum, cognac

In case of whiskey, the range is from 8000won for Cutty-sark one glass to 1200000won for Valentine 30year. For wine, the range is from 50000won for 05’ chianti from Italy to 140000won for King’s Court Videl as ice wine and Ch Talbot from France. For cocktail, the price range is from 8000won for Singapore sling to 11000won for blue sky and B-52. Side menu’s range is from 15000won for dried snack to 38000won for chopped steak.

박종인 (Johnny)

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13th June 2007

Nowadays, there are countless restaurants around us not only offering just good food but also providing a memorable dining experience. Some restaurants allows customers to take photos in beautifully decorated themed spaces, whereas others perform a magic show in which customers can become a participant. Among all these restaurants, one place that stands out is “Cafe ZIBE” near Hong-ik University; many will be amazed by the wide range of foods and beverages, private spaces called “bed rooms”, and the recreational pool in the middle of restaurant.

To begin with, Cafe ZIBE has variety of dishes and drinks that you are able to enjoy with reasonable price. As main dishes, they offer 4 kinds of spaghetti, fried rice and soups with prices ranging from 5000 Won to 12000 Won. Sweet flavored Oyster sauce fried rice is particularly exceptional because when it is presented to a customer, they are impressed with the sweet smell from oyster sauce, and each the rice is coated with delicious sauce and combining ingredients makes a perfect harmony. Beside main dishes they also offer beer, cocktail, whiskey, soft drink and tea. One of the most popular drink in this place is called pink ring, brewed from tropical fruit seed. Therefore if you like to enjoy distinct dishes and drinks at reasonable price, Cafe ZIBE is the place to go.

In addition, as the name “ZIBE” which means “get home” in Korean, they offer comfortable but gorgeous space called “bed room”. Each bed room is privately divided by fancy curtains, and has its own TV which was installed for the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup but now you can enjoy different channels and DVDs. When you get in the room, cushy cushions welcome your touch. Due to comfortable and cozy space, Lovers and friends can spend 2 hours without sense of time at no additional fee. To use this place, it is recommended that you call and make a reservation in advance because it is very popular and can only be used for two hours to accommodate. For many customers who want to relax and have good time, cafe ZIBE’s bed room has what you desire.

Finally, there is the pool in the middle where customer can dip their feet in the water. Clean water almost pulls people to plunge their feet like a child, and wash away daily stress and relax tired feet with cold water for summer and hot water for winter. As you walk in the restaurant, you will find that there are bunch of towels near the pool. You will wonder why there are towels in the restaurant but soon you will find out that it is used to dry your feet after dipping your feet in the pool. As you are relaxing in the pool, the kind staff brings cool wet towels to wash hands for little something for your tired hands too. This pool can be used as a waiting place for customers trying to get in the bed room. To get away from daily stress and to fill your soul, the pool is the perfect space for you.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a nice restaurant, I recommend Cafe ZIBE which is the best place to go; they offer variable dishes and beverages that will satisfy any palate, a bedroom that you are able to have peaceful time with friends or family, and the recreational pool that blow away your stress. Cafe ZIBE is open from 1 p.m to 3 a.m on weekdays and from 12 p.m to 5 a.m on weekends. No admission fee is needed for using a bedroom or the pool. Meals and beverages range from 5,000 won for tea or a light meal to 250,000 won for alcohol. To get there, take subway line number 2 to Hong-ik University station. Go to the exit to Hong-ik University, and go straight. In front of the University, you can find the big playground. Then follow the map below. To get more information, visit the web-site, zibe.cyworld.com or call 02-3141-1357. When you visit there, I hope you have a wonderful time in Cafe ZIBE.

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