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Nashville Steakhouse in Itaewon

18th June 2007

The tendency of people getting tired of travelling abroad isn’t an exception while visiting Korea . I have seen foreigners who love to eat Kalbi and Jab chae but still, eating Korean food three times a day for a few weeks can be a painful experience for visitors. Also, explaining every single thing to the waitress and having no one to ask for information are hardships you may encounter abroad. Nashville Steakhouse, the 20 year old restaurant located in Itaewon, is a place where great American food is served, has a lively and free atmosphere filled with foreigners and its neighboring shopping district is a place where you will find just about everything.

Nashville serves delicious food. Most of the items on the menu are steaks. T-bone steak, New York strips, “Nashville Special” are all big, chewy, juicy steaks served with fries or mashed potatoes covered with gravy. Vegetarians or those who worry about high calories can also have vegetable “Nashville Special” served with bread. The good thing about Nashville is that they have an open kitchen and you can really smell and see the meat being roasted. If you are not into steaks, they also serve a variety of other menus such as home made burgers, lasagna, spaghetti etc. Nashville’s chilli burgers and it’s fries are famous for thick and rich chilli sauce. Personally, it’s the second best chilli I have tasted since I came back from Nevada. It might not be as spicy as in America, but tabasco sauce is in the sauce basket where you will also find ketchup, steak sauce, mustard etc. Unlike usual family restaurants or fast food restaurants, they serve alcoholic beverages to go with your meal. Nashville is the best place for meat lovers craving for steaks and burgers served with side dishes and beer.

Nashville’s atmosphere is pretty lively and free. It has an extension on the third floor of the building and the basement is the steakhouse. The extension is furnished with pool tables and a bar. People can enjoy music varying from rock to hip hop, play pool and have a drink. The food from the steakhouse can also be delivered. At the steakhouse, which is less lively than the extension, you can also enjoy dart games and DVD movies on a big screen projector. If you find the extension a little too noisy with all the people talking, drinking and listening to music, take a rest at the steakhouse. The smoking section is separated from the non-smoking area but I suggest the non smokers also to dine at the smoking section for the movies. The place is pretty large and I don’t think you will be disturbed by the smokers. One more thing to mention about Nashville is that all waitresses speak fluent english. You do not have to explain or learn about every single thing about your dish and they are kind enough to inform you about travel tips in Korea. The owner is American and most customers are foreign businessmen and GIs. Nashville’s atmosphere is pretty free. You can drink, talk, play pool and darts, enjoy music from your home country.

Nashville is located in the middle of Itaewon shopping district which is the mecca of shopping in Korea. From leather apparels, to sports goods (one of the biggest Nike retailers is situated in Itaewon), knock offs, jewelry stores, tailor shops and costumes shops, antique shops are all at a 10 minute walk from Nashville. Leather apparels, jewelries and suits from shops are all sold at a very low price comparatively to the department stores. Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, North Face are all retail shops having more diverse and cheap products than usual shops and as most of their customers are foreigners, they have more X-Large sizes than any other shops in Korea. About the knock offs, many people say that Korean made knock offs are unrecognizable and even a department sales clerk won’t be able to recognize them. One thing that might catch your attention is the way merchants try to drag people into their shops, but you do not have to worry about it because they would not do this to foreigners. At night, if you are worried about drunk GIs or other accidents, the Military Police patrols the vicinity on foot along with Korean policemen. Itaewon is a safe, one stop shopping district where you will find everything you need at one place.

Nashville Steakhouse is a delicious, free and lively atmosphere and relaxing place to stop by while travelling in Korea. Not only do they serve great food but inform you about travel tips about Itaewon and of Korea. To get to Nashville take the subway line number 6, get off at Itaewon station exit number 4. Walk down the road toward Nok Sah Pyeung station for about 20 to 25 meters. Nashville is located on your left down the stairs. You can’t miss it. But in case you see Outback Steakhouse, then turn around and go back about 5 meters. The best hours are after 9 for the extension and after 6 for the steakhouse. They always open for lunch and the prices vary from around 10 thousand won to 30 thousand won. Bon appetit.

Jung Jae Chang

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