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Myungdong Kyoja Noodles

18th June 2007

Noodle is one of the popular foods in many countries. Of course, there are lots of different noodle cuisines in this world. In Korea, we also have various noodle dishes so if you can visit Korea in the future, I hope you will try one of them. Especially, I want to recommend ‘Kalguksu’ and I know one very famous ‘Kalguksu’ restaurant in Myungdong. The name of restaurant is “Myungdong Kyoja” which has over 40 years history. At this restaurant, you will enjoy the taste of ‘Kalguksu’, atmosphere and side dish.

First, this restaurant has great and thick taste of Kalguksu. Of course, taste is one of the important points to make good restaurant but some people choose restaurant because of price or location. In this restaurant, they are serving 4 kinds of meals; Kalguksu, Bibimguksu, Kongguksu and Mandu. All those are really good but Kalguksu is the most popular meal. Guksu means noodles in Korean and Kalguksu is noodle with hot soup. When they are making Kalguksu, most important thing is noodles. At noodle restaurants, making noodle is the basic work for them. Myungdong Kyoja use machine for making noodles. Next important thing for Kalguksu is soup of noodle. They use vegetables and special recipe which has included chicken. Those are making soft and rich taste. After they made noodles and soup, they consider decoration of the top of the Kalguksu. They use sliced cucumber, minced meats and small pieces of Mandu. Those garnish look more delicious than before. Sound of eating noodles makes people hungrier. Usually you have to wait quite long time and at that time you can hear sound of eating. You may come up the sounds like slurping spaghetti. Thus, many people endure long line because of Myungdong Kyoja’s unique taste.

Second, atmosphere of restaurant is one of the big reasons. Actually, this restaurant is not a quiet place to make conversation each other. However, you can recharge your energy after finish your meal at this restaurant. It looks like Korean traditional market which is vigor. In the restaurant, you can smell full of the soup which is similar as chicken soup. All waiters and waitresses are very kind and they try to give the best service to customers. Especially there is lots of tourist from other countries, so they endeavor to make good impression of Korea. This restaurant is always crowded so noisy can make liveliness. Also, waiters and waitresses are working very hard without hesitation so it feels busier than other restaurant. Even restaurant is crowded, they try to make good service, which is providing extra Kimchi, noodles, soup and rice as a free, among customers. That’s why many people recommend here.

Third, in Myungdong Kyoja, you can enjoy their special side dish. Actually, they provide only one side dish-Kimchi. Kimchi is the most famous and basic side dish in every house in Korea but Myungdong Kyoja makes their Kimchi by themselves. Everyday, they make new Kimchi so you can eat fresh Kimchi. In this Kimchi, they use lots of garlics and red pepper so it supplies better taste of Kalguksu. If you eat Kimchi before you eat Kalguksu, you may need Kalguksu as soon as possible, because Kalguksu has soft taste but Kimchi has little bit strong taste than noodles. Red color makes Kimchi more delicious. Color of Kimchi is same as other restaurant Kimchi but, taste is different. Many people think Kimchi is too spicy but Kimchi at Myungdong Kyoja is not too spicy. On the contrary, it has bit sweet flavor so this makes water in your mouths. Smell of Kimchi is stimulated your appetite. As you know, garlic is making strong smell but in this restaurant, garlic smell helps your eating. The texture of Kimchi is fresh and soft ,so even old people can enjoy the Kimchi of this restaurant. That’s’ why many people like their Kimchi as much as their main dish.

In conclusion, Myungdong Kyoja’s Kalguksu will give you good feeling and satisfaction of your appetite. Their excellent taste rather than other restaurant, animated air and special side dish make this restaurant. Myungdong Kyoja is in Myungdong which is one of the famous street in Seoul so after finish sightseeing at Myungdong, you can have lunch at here. If you want to go there, you have to take subway line number 4, which is blue color line, and then get off at Myungdong station. Go out through exit number 8, after that, turn left and go straight along this road. After pass one and half block, you can find Myungdong Kyoja on your right. If there are too many people, go one more block. You can see another Myungdong Kyoja on your left. Every item on the menu cost is 6,000 Korean won. If you want to know more information, you can call 02-776-5348 or 02-776-3424. You can take-out the food from the restaurant. It opens at from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm.

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