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Must Go Jak-up-sil study cafe

18th June 2007

If you are tired of sight-seeing, how about relaxing while reading books or doing something you want like studying or just thinking in a quiet cozy café? I can show you a really great place. That is a book café, called “Jak-up-sil” in Hongdae. I am sure university students will like this place because you can get your work done while eating tasty snacks, the atmosphere is cool, and you can read a lot of books, including the latest releases.

First, you can do your work with great snacks and beverages. You can read books that you bring or that are from the café. In addition to this, you can get your work done. I usually see some people do their work with their lap tops. There is also a public lap top for customers. Since the tables are wide, you can put on whatever you need for your work and do your work conveniently. Some soft chairs are also make you feel good to sit and do something. Moreover, what I like most in this place is delicious food. There are various drinks and snacks such as coffee, wine, beer, fruit juice, tea, bagels, honey butter toast, and so on. Drinking Americano coffee that smells rich with honey butter toast is fantastic! When you feel tired because of hard working or reading, try some yummy snacks, and you will feel better and recharged.

Another reason for my recommendation is the atmosphere. In fact, this book café is quite small. It can accommodate just around 30 people, so you will feel snug. The light is not that bright. It is dim. However, there are desk lamps, so your work or reading is rarely interrupted. Far from being interrupted, it makes the mood restful and cozy. Besides, when night comes, the staffs light some small candles around the café, and it becomes a really beautiful place. The music also makes the atmosphere rich. They usually turn on jazz music. When listening to the music, you may get comfortable and enjoyable. Moreover, there are diverse ornaments all around the café. As I went to the café for the first time, I thought the owner had a great sense of decoration. For example, there are cute toys and dolls on the book shelf, small flowerpots, candles, and other marvelous accessories such as a frog shape thermometer on the wall. One of the book shelves is formed as a figure of a snail. It is very interesting. Imagine this; you are reading under the warm light and really good jazz music with some cute friends, while eating sweet snacks. Isn’t it terrific?

Lastly, there are a lot of books, including latest releases in the café. The café owner is reportedly a free-lance writer. He opened the café to make a place where he could put lots of his books. Thanks to his efforts, we can read various kinds of books, covering novels, essays, and magazines. Since it is hard to buy all the books you want because of the expense, it is good opportunity to read some of those in the café, instead of you buying your own. However, it could be a problem that you are a foreigner who cannot understand Korean. Fortunately, if you can read Korean, I am sure you will find really great Korean literatures in that place. There are also some old books that you can even smell of aged ones. On the other hand, if you cannot read Korean, just bring and read your own book at first. I think you can order books you want to read, so you may find the books on your next visit. Try to read those varied books or to order the books you want to read. No matter what you read, you can enjoy your reading in the excellent mood.

Now, I believe you really want to go there. Am I right? When you go there, you will be surprised. At first, you will be surprised at the tasty food, at the cozy atmosphere that contains exquisite music and interesting decorations, and lastly at the various books. I will give you some further information of the café. It opens at 12 p.m. and closes at 2 a.m. Drinks range from 4,000 won for America coffee to more than 50,000 won for wine. The costs of snacks are usually between 5,000 won and 10,000 won. To get there, get off at Hongik University station on line no. 2 and come out through gate 5. Go straight and you can see a small crosswalk. Cross the street and right after crossing the street, turn left. Keep walking until you can see a jewelry shop and when you get to the jewelry shop, turn right. Go straight. You can see “Luxury Su Norebang (karaoke)” on your right side while walking. If you pass the karaoke you can find another crosswalk. Cross the street and keep walking for a minutes, and you can arrive at a convenience store named “Bestall.” There is a small street on the right. Go into the street and you can see the book café “Jak-up-sil” on your right. In front of the café, there is a yellow bicycle. It makes you find the café easily. I also put a map together for you.

Emily Park

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