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13th June 2007

There are various kinds of restaurants you must try when you travel to Korea. For example, Bul-go-gi and Gim-chi are Korean traditional food. But if you have already tried them, how about visiting a special restaurant called Min-dle-le-young-to? I recommend this restaurant because it has romantic decorations, a unique system for using snack corner, and spaces for cultural activities.

Min-dle-le-young-to has romantic and pretty charming decorations which can make you pleased. when you first see the Min-.dle-le-young-to building, you must think it is just like a small cozy palace, especially the Min-dle-le-young-to in Dae-hak-lo. It will be fascinating enough for you to go in. And if you go in, you will see handsome or pretty workers wearing cute clothes which have red and white dots and welcoming you with a big smile in their face. The inside interior of Min-dle-le-young-to is also very beautiful; a wooden table with a flowerly table clothes, soft comfortable sofa, art work frames hanged on the wall and shining round stone floor, etc. And even with a quiet classic music they put on you might enjoy the romantic atmosphere in the restaurant.

There is special system which is different with all of other restaurants for using snack corner in Min-dle-le-young-to. At first, when you choose the menu, you will find out the dishes are a little bit expensive. That’s because they include the ‘cultural fee’; which they call, in the prices of the dishes. Once you pay the ‘cultural fee’ which is included in your dishes’ price, you can freely use the beverage corner three times, and choose one desert. It just look like a small bar. They offer you various kinds of teas and beverages in the beverage corner. For instance, they have green tea, ice tea, cherry coke, soda, cocoa tea and so on, which we are already accustomed to, and some special teas which are only in Min-dle-le-young-to, like Min-dle-le-young-to tea. The Min-dle-le-young-to tea tastes very special, little similar with Korean traditional tea; a bit bitter. And there are three options you can select from the snack corner; Korean instant noodles, ice bars, and grain breads. When I went to Min-dle-le-young-to, I was always too full to eat noodle or bread so I chose ice bar. You may feel the freshness of fruits if you try their ice bars. This unique system of Min-dle-le-young-to will offer you a satisfying and full meal.

Min-dle-le-young-to also has space for cultural activities. It has a small library where you can freely borrow books inside. And it has seminar rooms which you can use for a seminar or a discussion when you have reserved it. Moreover it has a music shop, where you can buy music tapes or CDs. You probably also can listen to music which you are interesting in and it will please your ears. In other words, you can spend all the time to enjoy these cultural things in Min-dle-le-young-to.

As you can see, people go to Min-dle-le-young-to because of beautiful decorations for enjoying romantic atmosphere, special use of the snack cornerand the space you can freely use for cultural activities. I think it will be a special experience in Korea, if you go there. Min-dle-le-young-to opens at 10:00 am and closes at 9:00 pm. Meals range from 4,000\ for Espresso Solo to 70,000\ for Gung-jung-chuk-je; for four people. To get to Min-dle-le-young-to, take the subway’s light blue line, line number four to He-hwa. Then get out to exit 2 and walk through the big street and you will find KFC. After you walk in the small street between KFC and Sam-teo-pa-lang-sae theater around 150m, then you’ll find it on the left.

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