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Korean barbecue in Seoul

17th June 2007

Korean barbecue is one of the most preferred cuisines by foreign tourists visiting Korea. However, the fact that lots of barbecue restaurants, which look similar to each other, are competing to attract tourists will make it difficult for you to decide where you eat. Hwaroyeon is a distinguished one among them and favored by young Koreans who want to eat barbecue of good quality in a better atmosphere. The restaurant is the best choice for you to try Korean barbecue because it has a clean and cozy inside, various meats of good quality and a convenient location.

First, Hwaroyeon welcomes you with a modern impression and neatness from the entrance to your seat. Customers will first meet the simple but clean entrance. While other barbecue restaurants are littered by customers’ shoes, it doesn’t require the customers to take off their shoes, which makes it look orderly. The inside is decorated by subtle lightning and woods, and walls are covered by light-reddish bricks. Furthermore the inside is well ventilated so that the air inside is quite fresh. Those factors make the atmosphere cozy and comfortable, while other randomly-decorated and unclean restaurants can disturb you to enjoy a meal. The cleanness makes customers feel easy and eager to eat. This is the reason why young Koreans like there. Therefore, at Hwaroyeon, you can have a dinner in a clean and modern environment.

The second reason I recommend Hwaroyeon is that it provides with combinations of various meats. In usual barbecue restaurants, you have to order certain part of meat at least for two people. That means you would meet a very limited choice unless you bring many friends together. However, Hwaroyeon will solve the problem because it serves combinations of different parts of meat, such as ribs, Samgyupsal(pork meat with much lard), Galmeagisal(skirtmeat of pork), and so on. For instance, a couple can order a combination of fillet, ribs, Samgyupsal and jowl meat of pork. Are they delicious? Of course, they are very soft and have delicate favor. They serve also a salad of fresh vegetables with chilly sauce which removes the fatty taste of meats. So you can enjoy various kinds of meat of good quality at Hwaroyeon.

Finally, the location is really nice for foreign tourists because it is located in the center of the city. For tourists, location is critical because they should save time to move. Therefore, any restaurant which is far away from other tourist attractions is not desirable for them even though the place is famous for local people. In this view, Hwaroyeon at Jong-gak is a perfect choice. You do not need to waste your time on buss or subway to get there. You can visit the restaurant after touring The Happy Palace or Insadong, or conversely. Furthermore, if you want to take a walk after eating much, you can find out Cheongyecheon, a walk favored by both citizens and tourist, nearby. Along Cheongyecheon, you will feel refreshed enjoying clear water, smell of various plants, sound of singing insects and beautiful works of art. Hence, no place can compete with Hwaroyeon in location.

In conclusion, Hwaroyeon is definitely recommendable for tourists in light of atmosphere, variety of menu, and location. It opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 11 p.m. Price of combination menu including wine for two people starts with 25,000 won. To get there, take subway line no.1, get off at Jong-gak station, and go out to way out no.4. Then turn to right, go straight along the side of Boshingak, and find the restaurant on the left. I hope you enjoy Korean barbecue at Hwaroyeon.

Park Hyo-In

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