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18th June 2007

You can always enjoy the mountains anywhere in Korea, but taking a walk in Mountain Jang-san, located in Haeundae-gu, Busan, might be a different experience. The road of Jang-san is not rocky, nor dangerous, unlike that of some other mountains. So even people who don’t like hiking or climbing mountains can enjoy it very much. In Jang-san, you can relax comfortably at the park, feel the beauty of a Korean temple, Jang-san-sa, and enjoy a fearless waterfall.

First of all, park at the entrance of Jang-san is a perfect place to spend time before or after you go to the mountain. There you can enjoy various exercises such as roller-skating, riding a bike, and playing badminton. There is a large lake in the park, so If you don’t feel like doing exercises, you can just walk slowly along the hiking course around the lake, or look at some gold fish in the water. It is a perfect place to relax comfortably.

Second, you can feel the beauty of a Korean temple, Jang-san-sa. When you walk about 10-15 minutes along the main road from the entrance of Jang-san, you’ll encounter a forked road. One fork is a way to a waterfall, the other is a way to Jang-san-sa. In Pok-po-sa, you can enjoy the quietness and peace that you’ll never find in a city life. You can see priests of the temple, and moreover you can participate in bowing to a beautiful Buddha statue. For those who want to have a more fun in this temple, here’s a tip. On the 8th of April of lunar calendar, which is Buddha’s birthday, you’ll have spicy and delicious Bibimbab, one of Korean traditional food, for free. At night you can walk along the road with beautiful, round shaped, and variously colored(pink, blue, etc.) lanterns hanging on both sides. Although we can find temples anywhere, I definitely believe Jang-san-sa is a special place for you.

Last, you can see a fearless waterfall. In summer, people can swim in the cool water beneath the waterfall. In autumn, when you would like to be alone, sitting on a rough textured bench and watching the deep blue water will be a terrific idea. It is a wonderful place for those who seek the real nature of the mountain.

Jang-san is open 24 hours a day, and anytime will be fine to visit except after midnight since it might be dangerous. So you had better not go there then. If you take subway and get off at Jang-san Station, all you have to do is go straight toward the mountain. It’ll take 20 minutes to walk, so you could take taxi, if you want to, since there is no bus line going straight to Jang-san. Again, It’s an absolutely beautiful place. So you can’t miss this wonderful opportunity of having a look around the incredible creation of mother nature.

Yura Hwang

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