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Famous beach in Pusan

18th June 2007

Are you having trouble choosing how to spend your summer vacation? Do you want to go to a beautiful beach this summer? There are many beaches in Korea that you can enjoy with your families and your friends. I’ll tell you about one of the beaches where you can spend your summer vacation enjoyably. One of the famous beaches is in Pusan. Pusan has a lot of beautiful beaches and that’s why many tourists go to Pusan to spend the summer vacation there. One of the beautiful beaches where you can go while you are in Pusan is called 다대포(Da Dea Pho): which has a mountain, beautiful sites, and most of all delicious foods.

다대포 beach is one of the beaches that has everything at the same time. First, this beach has a mountain beside the beach were you can go for a walk, take fresh air, and also to enjoy the beautiful nature, too. This mountain is called 몰운대 mountain. They named like this because in Korean it means that this mountain gets foggy everytime it rains. It’s hard to see a thing because it gets blurry all day. Besides the fog, it’s hardly to see something. Once when you are there, it will feel like a haunted forrest. It’s kind of scary, too. You can hear birds singing, but it will be a little scary when you stay alone in the dark. That’s why they named it like that. But the bad thing is that you can’t enter this mountain after 7 O’clock, because it gets dark and you might get lost. And the other thing is that there’s a small army watching of anyone who goes in. The army is there to protect the nation, too. So we are safe, and we don’t have to worry about any trobles that happens to this mountain. This mountain will stay forever in this beautiful beach.

The other reason is that many tourists come to see the beautiful site of this beach. Even many photographers from other regions comes to take pictures of this beautiful beach. Even I wanted to take a picture myself. It will be a good place to go with your lover because it’s so romantic there. The ocean is so wide and blue. Also the color of the sand is golden yellow and when you step on it, feels so soft that you might want to walk on barefoot. This ocean is famous for its sun setting. Most people come at the end of the year to see the sun setting. The people says that the sun setting of the last day of the year might give a luck for the next year. So a lot of people(mostly Korean), comes and prays for their wishes.

And for the last, the food there is very delicious. You can enjoy various types of food. One of the best of the food there is called 해물칼국수(white sea food noodles). This food has sea food like; shrimps, shells, fish. This food its not spicy hot, it’s a cooked food, its hot. And the smell is so good that you might want to faint. The special thing about this food is that the noodles are made by hand. So the noodles are more delicious and gummy. This noodle tastes very good and you will fall in love with its flavor. There’s a lot of small restaurants near the beach where you can eat this food. And the other food is the famous “raw fish”, who all the people eats when they come to any ocean areas. You can eat cheaper and fresh in Pusan.

In conclusion, the good thing about all this three things above that I mentioned before, is that they’re in a same place. So you can enjoy by not going or walking too much from the beach. All the thing that you have to do is to enjoy yourselves. This place is very easy to get to. It’s on the opposite side of 해우대. You can take the bus number 98 from 서면(SeoMyun) and come to the last stop. So you have plenty of time to rest in the bus. It takes about 45minutes to get to 다대포 beach. If you want to go by subway, You have you transfer to another bus. And that will take more money, so it’s not a good idea. And about the food, the “white sea food noodles” costs like about 3.000wons for each person, bur it’s served in a big bowl so you can eat all together. That bowl is all combines for the amount of people who’s going to eat, so has to serve yourselves. Try to visit this beach and have a great time and a beautiful remembrance.


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