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Dosan Park

17th June 2007

The history, refreshment, romance and gourmet, want to feel them all at once? Tired of busy and noisy atmosphere of the central? Then, try Dosan Park in Chungdam-dong. Known as the trendy hot spot of southern Seoul, Dosan Park provides you the best moment. Here, you can experience the historical museum and tomb, a great walking course and fancy café-restaurants.

Dosan Park is established in the memory of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho. Dosan is the pen name of famous historical person Ahn Chang Ho. He is the person who worked for the independence of Korea back in 20th century. In Dosan Park, there is the Dosan Memorial Hall with many historical documents and data like letters in the past. There are also media documents about him to understand better that everyone is able to access freely. When you go right across the main gate, there is the tomb where Ahn Chang Ho is buried. He is with his wife, Lee HyeRyn. Also, many memorial monumentsare in the park and a huge statue of Ahn Chang Ho is in the middle of the park that makes the great photo spot. When we think about tombs, we tend to think about scary place with no one, yet in this memorial park, the atmosphere itself is very peaceful but ironically also very lively with people and things to see like museums and monuments. In Dosan Park, even though this is the park you can also see the history of Dosan Ahn Chang Ho.

The park itself is s wonderful walking course. Moreover, it is one of the most romantic date courses in this area. It is because the park is very well made with many plants and flowers making the park a romantic place for couples. There are many couples shooting their wedding photosespecially during the spring when the flowers bloom. The best part in this park is “The Pine Trees Walking Course”. It is located right behind the tomb of Ahn Chang Ho. The course is not long at all, yet pine tree forest makes the atmosphere very romantic. Not only couples but also this place is perfect for family outing. There are kids facilities available such and jungle gyms and see-saws. Many blooming flowers are wonderful during spring evergreen grass field is the great picnic course for citizens. Also during autumn, falling leaves make the great scenery. Here in Dosan park, you can rest and refresh yourself with nature.

Around Dosan Park, there are many high quality café-restaurants. Two great café-restaurants are right across the main gate. The one called “Walking slowly”is on the left-side. It is the organic caféyet it serves food as well. The seats at the terrace are always hard to get yet once you sit down, you cansee the best view of the park. This place is known for its great coffee and club sandwiches. The other one is “Gorilla in the kitchen”. This place is well-being restaurant with organic main salad dish. Wide selections of salad are well-known. The unique this place is that they have health check-up center at the middle of the restaurant and nutritionists are there for food advice. Both restaurants are relatively expensive yet very high quality. It is always worth to try the food in those restaurants. Maybe trying there best ones like club sandwiches, salad and great coffee would be fantastic. Best café-restaurant will satisfy your need for gourmet.

Dosan Park will give you an opportunity to feel both the past and the present. Memorial museum and tomb will help you to know about the Korean history back in early 20th century, feeling of nature when walking through the park will refresh you mind. Great and trendy café-restaurantsin the neighborhood will make you happy. Dosan Park is open 24hours, everyday. Only the memorial hall opens 10:30-16:00 and closes on Sundays. It’s free for everyone and is open for everyone. The restaurants range from 14000KWON-20000KWON for salad or club sandwiches, 8000KWON for coffee or tea for both café-restaurants. To get to Dosan Park, you have to take the orange line number 3, and get off from the Apgujung station. Go out from the exit number 3.Then walk straight for about 500m until you reach the big crossroad. You will see the Hotel-Sunshine on your left hand side. Then, turn left and go straightfor about 300m, and you will see a cross walk, go straight for about 100m then before you reach a huge buildingwith movie posters; that’s the “Cinecity” building, you can see the wide road called ” River-side walk”. Take the river-side walk on your left side, and then you will see the park immediately. Try having a picnic with your friends or families at Dosan Park, you will never regret it.


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