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Chang bar

13th June 2007

How often do you go to a bar? If you seldom go there, one of the reasons might be because you haven’t been able to find a nice place that you like. Here is a bar that you will be satisfied with and might look forward to visiting. If you go to a bar frequently, you’ll be interested in this bar that I’m about to introducing to you. I really recommend this bar which has distinguished characteristics different from others. The name is 窓(Chang). I can say that this bar stands out from others for three reasons; it has a very romantic atmosphere, a wide variety of drinks, and unique and polite service.

窓(Chang) uses various devices to encourage a romantic atmosphere in the aspects of illumination, having a balcony and lovers seats, and music. When you enter the main door, you can see the attractive interior which is mixed with the illumination radiated from the ceiling and reflecting lights. Because it is a little dim, it makes you feel calm and elegant. 窓(Chang) also has installed a tree which has electric lights in the middle of first floor. In addition, there is a candle in the middle of each table. After you take a seat, a waiter or waitress lights the candle. The light from the candle illuminates the partner’s face and reflects off your drinks and the black table top. Furthermore, on the side of the bar on the first floor, there is a balcony with red parasols on lights wired where guests can enjoy the scene outside, with neon signs on the street while enjoying the cool breeze on a summer night. And on the window side on second floor, there are three lover’s seats especially made for couples. They look comfortable and have a proper size for couples. Last, you can listen to calm and classical music there. Within such an atmosphere, you will fall into the romantic atmosphere with your partner in 窓(Chang).

To go with the romantic atmosphere, there are various types of drinks to fit the mood and taste of your party. 窓(Chang) has most types of drinks that people would know and ones that people might not know. When I looked around, I could see many types of drinks on the shelf which is on the wall near bar place. If you go there and order a drink you want, it will most likely be there. The various drinks each have unique taste like sweet, mild, and fruit taste etc. Especially, in case of cocktail, there are six different 6 detailed sorts, such as normal, for woman, tropical fruits, strong alcohol, non-alcohol, and frozen. In case, if they don’t have a drink you want to order on the list, they even make it for you. One day, I went there with my friend and ordered White Russian which is a rare kind of cocktail in Korea. So usually, when I order it at a bar and it isn’t there, I order something else. So as usual, I ordered it thinking that I would order something else if they didn’t have it. The waiter said that it was not on the list but they were willing to make it for me if I wanted it. So, I was able to enjoy my lovely White Russian which was made immediately. What you can enjoy many sorts of drinks will come to you as another attraction of 窓(Chang)

Lastly, there are staff members who can be distinguished from staff members of other bars. They wear black formal suits which normally professional waiters wear in hotel as uniforms. They are suitable for 窓(Chang)’s atmosphere which is perceived as formal and high class even though they just looked young part-timers. They bow sincerely whenever the customer enters and exits the main entrance and when the customer orders something. When you hear their polite and soft voices while being served by them, it seems that you have become a high class person. You can also feel self-conceit, being treated as a master because it is similar to being served by staff members in high class hotel bars, which is quite different from general bars. Therefore, You can experience the distinguished service offered in 窓(Chang)

To summarize, when you go to 窓(Chang), you can definitely fell the romantic atmosphere compounded with the usage of various effects and articles. You may also enjoy the selection of various drinks when you order. Finally, you can experience distinguished service offered at high class bars. Chang opens from 6pm to 3am (4am for Friday and Saturday night). There is no admission fee. The price range for drinks is quite various, from 6000won for Cass or lager beer to 1,200,000 won for a 30 year old Valentine. To get to 窓(창), you can take subway line number 2 to Gang-nam station and come out of exit number 7. Then, walk about 10 meters following from the exit, then you can see City Theater on your right and you can see a side street between the theater and the next block. Go up this street. While you go up, you can see a great house on your left side near end of the road. The street curves to the right. After passing the house, go straight following that street and you will find two tall buildings. Among those, 窓(Chang) is located on 8th floor of the first tall building. Enjoy your time with your lover or companions. You will be able to melt your stress and complications in life away while relaxing there.

The sorts of drinks: Cocktails, wines, whisky, beers, and even champagne, tequila and rum, cognac

In case of whiskey, the range is from 8000won for Cutty-sark one glass to 1200000won for Valentine 30year. For wine, the range is from 50000won for 05’ chianti from Italy to 140000won for King’s Court Videl as ice wine and Ch Talbot from France. For cocktail, the price range is from 8000won for Singapore sling to 11000won for blue sky and B-52. Side menu’s range is from 15000won for dried snack to 38000won for chopped steak.

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