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13th June 2007

Nowadays, there are countless restaurants around us not only offering just good food but also providing a memorable dining experience. Some restaurants allows customers to take photos in beautifully decorated themed spaces, whereas others perform a magic show in which customers can become a participant. Among all these restaurants, one place that stands out is “Cafe ZIBE” near Hong-ik University; many will be amazed by the wide range of foods and beverages, private spaces called “bed rooms”, and the recreational pool in the middle of restaurant.

To begin with, Cafe ZIBE has variety of dishes and drinks that you are able to enjoy with reasonable price. As main dishes, they offer 4 kinds of spaghetti, fried rice and soups with prices ranging from 5000 Won to 12000 Won. Sweet flavored Oyster sauce fried rice is particularly exceptional because when it is presented to a customer, they are impressed with the sweet smell from oyster sauce, and each the rice is coated with delicious sauce and combining ingredients makes a perfect harmony. Beside main dishes they also offer beer, cocktail, whiskey, soft drink and tea. One of the most popular drink in this place is called pink ring, brewed from tropical fruit seed. Therefore if you like to enjoy distinct dishes and drinks at reasonable price, Cafe ZIBE is the place to go.

In addition, as the name “ZIBE” which means “get home” in Korean, they offer comfortable but gorgeous space called “bed room”. Each bed room is privately divided by fancy curtains, and has its own TV which was installed for the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup but now you can enjoy different channels and DVDs. When you get in the room, cushy cushions welcome your touch. Due to comfortable and cozy space, Lovers and friends can spend 2 hours without sense of time at no additional fee. To use this place, it is recommended that you call and make a reservation in advance because it is very popular and can only be used for two hours to accommodate. For many customers who want to relax and have good time, cafe ZIBE’s bed room has what you desire.

Finally, there is the pool in the middle where customer can dip their feet in the water. Clean water almost pulls people to plunge their feet like a child, and wash away daily stress and relax tired feet with cold water for summer and hot water for winter. As you walk in the restaurant, you will find that there are bunch of towels near the pool. You will wonder why there are towels in the restaurant but soon you will find out that it is used to dry your feet after dipping your feet in the pool. As you are relaxing in the pool, the kind staff brings cool wet towels to wash hands for little something for your tired hands too. This pool can be used as a waiting place for customers trying to get in the bed room. To get away from daily stress and to fill your soul, the pool is the perfect space for you.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a nice restaurant, I recommend Cafe ZIBE which is the best place to go; they offer variable dishes and beverages that will satisfy any palate, a bedroom that you are able to have peaceful time with friends or family, and the recreational pool that blow away your stress. Cafe ZIBE is open from 1 p.m to 3 a.m on weekdays and from 12 p.m to 5 a.m on weekends. No admission fee is needed for using a bedroom or the pool. Meals and beverages range from 5,000 won for tea or a light meal to 250,000 won for alcohol. To get there, take subway line number 2 to Hong-ik University station. Go to the exit to Hong-ik University, and go straight. In front of the University, you can find the big playground. Then follow the map below. To get more information, visit the web-site, zibe.cyworld.com or call 02-3141-1357. When you visit there, I hope you have a wonderful time in Cafe ZIBE.

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