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Cafe Themselves

16th June 2007

Where is the best place in Korea for my foreign friend? It was a hard question to me when my friend from Taiwan visited me a few months ago. I took her to traditional places of Korea like Folk village or palaces, but she didn’t look interested in there. Then, finally, I found the perfect place for my foreign friend. It’s a coffee shop named “Cafe Themselves”. It has the comfortable atmosphere, amazing taste of coffee and sandwich, and a warm service. I was pleased when she said that she really loved the place, and it’s also my favorite place. Now, let me introduce ” Cafe themselves”.

The first reason why it attracts people is because of the cozy atmosphere. When you get into the store, you can sense a faint smell of coffee from everywhere and hear jazz music. The scent makes us feel fresh. With this scent, every chairs and tables is black and white colored. It’s simple and gives people ease. And every wall is made of glass, so you can see the scenery of outside. Especially, it’s romantic to drink coffee on a rainy day as you look at the scenery. Many people come here to be relaxed in comfort.

The second point is about the taste of coffee and sandwiches. There are many kinds of coffee, so you can choose what you want according to your taste. I want to recommand Vanila Cafelatte. It contains Vanila syrup, so it’s sweet like caramel melting in your mouth. Sandwiches are also various with ingredients like tuna, salmon and a variety of vegetables and they smell fresh. If you like coffee and a sandwich, there is no more perfect place than here.

Lastly, they provide a kind service. Every waitresses and waiters gives us warm smile and pleasant service. Last month, I went there with my friend and ordered a cup of coffee. Mistakenly, I spilt my coffee, but they brought me another coffee. They were still smiling, so I felt pleasant even though I made a mistake. Like this, their kind attitude is one of the attracting points.

As I said, Cafe Themselves is an amazing place for people seeking for rest. You can enjoy your time with a yummy sandwich and coffee in a comfortable place. Whenever you need help, waitresses and waiters will provide a good service. That’s why I would like to recommand “Cefe Themselves”. And it is located in Jong-ro 3ga next to the movie theater “Cine-Coa”. You can take the subway line number 1, 3 and 5. It opens from 9am to 11pm, and there is no holiday. Food price is from 3000 won to 5000 won. It is up to kinds of food. The price of coffee is about 4000 won. So.. Are you ready for it?


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