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Busan’s Nampodong

13th June 2007

Are you planning to visit Pusan? Or are you looking for a place where your whole family can enjoy? Then you should go Nampodong located in Pusan near seashore. Commonly called Nampo-dong, this area actually refers to the streets of Nampo-dong, Chungmu-dong and part of Gwangbok-dong. This place is especially popular with local and international tourists, with lots of tourist attractions to symbolize the city, such as the cinema street PIFF Square in the Theater District, famous food alleys, and the Jagalchi Seafood Market.

If you are a moviegoer, visit the cinema street PIFF Square in the Theater District first. Every autumn, the Pusan International Film Festival, Asia’s best film festival, is held with various events in PIFF square. The Theater District is filled with lots of theaters and different kinds of films including many unusual exotic films are played in there during festival. Many movie stars and famous directors also visit Nampodong during this period, so the whole street is always crowded with people and their excitement. At night, the street lights up with splendid neon signs and the deep hum of a thousand voices is never ended. The bottom of PIFF Square are many hand printings of celebrities whose achievements in movie industry are great. Don’t miss the chance to visit this paradise of film and festival.

Nothing is more important than food on travel. Many kinds of fantastic foods are prepared in Nampodong. There is an alley called the “Original Bossam & Jokbal Alley”. The light and chewy meat of jokbal (boiled pig’s feet) is unforgettable for one who has sampled it once . The soft meat wrapped up with lettuce leaves together with oysters or pickled fish will be very savory. Another food alley called ‘Muk ja gol mok” is filled with food stands selling Dukbookki or Buchimge (Korean style hot cake). When you enter this ally, the tasty and sweet smell and look will attract you to taste them. Especially fried bean curd soup is the most distinct and famous of them. It is a kind of soup containing fried bean curd filled with ground meet. It tastes like O-deng (boiled fish paste) and Oo-dong(Japanese noodle) but has even thicker and rich flavor. In Nampodong, you need not worry about choosing food, all you have to do is just go food alley and taste the fantastic food.

The Jagalchi Seafood Market is must-visit place to visitors who like seafood and foreigners who want to feel Korean folks culture. This is the nation-famous seafood market, representing Pusan. It is always bustling with the vivid accents of tough Gyeongsang-do ajimae (female vendors), the sounds of splashing fish and shoppers’ bargaining. Hole market gives off strong fishy smell of water and savory smell of seafood and the sights of vigorous and joyful people may inspire you. It’s the very atmosphere of our neighbors and working classes in Korea and you may feel what means being alive. Located near sea of Pusan, the Jagalchi Seafood Market offers most fresh seafood in Korea. You can not only buy them for very cheap price but also eat the fresh seafood offhandedly. But just sightseeing around The Jagalchi Seafood Market gave you enough enjoyment.

In conclusion, Napodong is the place where people of every age, every class, and every country coexist and can enjoy together. The excitement and passion of cinema street PIFF Square in the Theater District and fantastic food and traditional culture of folks are always prepared in Nampodong. You can get to Nampo-dong by taking an airport limousine or bus No. 310 or take Subway Line No. 1 and get off at Nampo-dong or Jagalchi (Exit 1). It takes two and half hours from Seoul to Pusan by KTX and about 10 to 20 minutes from Pusan Station to Nampodong. All facilities in Nampodong are available almost 24 hours, and you shold reserve tickets in advance if you want to see movies during festival and all tickets costs 5000won during the period.

Kim Jung Hee

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