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Best Galbi in Korea

17th June 2007

Galbi is very famous food in Korea. It is flavored beef and pork which tastes better when it is cooked using charcoal. If you want to try delicious Galbi with your family or friends, Neung Won Galbi is the right place. Neung Won Garden provides good quality of foods, calm atmosphere and a historical site right next to it.

Neung Won Garden chooses the best cuts, which is the best quality of meat. A best cut is very fresh and red which is also juicy and soft. Neung Won Garden marinades meats in special sauce for 24 hours to flavor. Another reason to make the taste even better is that they do not use gas propane but uses charcoal to cook. Cooking with charcoal makes meat more soft because the moisture is kept inside of the meat but using gas propane makes vaporize the moisture on the surface of the meat as well as the inside which make the meat too tough. Neung Won Garden serve various side dishes for free such as many fresh vegetables like lettuces and sesame leaves to eat with meat, mashed potatoes, white kimchi, red kimchi, salad, acorn jelly and many more depending on the season. Naengmyeon, iced noodle, is worth trying after eating galbi because it has cold meat stock, plus strong and chewy noodle. If you like hot foods, you might want to try Bibim Naengmyeon, which is hot and spicy cold noodle with Korean spicy sauce Go Chu Jang. Providing best food is the reason to make people come once more.

Neung Won Garden provides many wooden tables outdoors where many trees are all around. You can feel a light breeze and hear some birds singing. The tables are var apart so it gives you some space compared to other restaurants. It makes you feel as if you are in a park except that someone is serving for you. If you are sick of going to crowded and loud galbi restaurant in the city, Neung Won Garden is the place you can feel relaxed. If you prefer the seats indoors, there is no need to worry. There are tables ready in Korean traditional style building. Even though you need to sit Indian style on the floor, a thin floor cushion is provided. Also, there are air cleaning machines at each table to eliminate the smoke, so it helps keeping the air fresh inside the restaurant and will prevent your clothes from smelling like galbi. Either seat lets customers to have tranquil time with their family or friends.

There is the Seo Oh Rung next to Neung Won Garden which is the 5 tombs of Josun Dynasty kings and queens. The entire area covers about 1,840,000 square meters with many trees and walk roads. You can find information board at front of the main entrance door to the Seo Oh Rung. There are information board at each tomb about who is is for and what kind of life they had. It is interesting to compare each tomb because every tomb has different style. Some looks like just a hemisphere with grass and some looks like little temple which it is not allowed to go inside. Even though it is a historical site, it is more like a large park with many tables and chairs to take a rest. It would be great to take a walk when you have a full stomach after eating at Neung Won Garden. You can also bring some books and mat. Learning about historic information and enjoy relaxing afternoon would be great to spend a day.

In conclusion, even though there are many galbi restaurants, Neoung Won Garden is the place you should experience the best galbi and calm atmosphere to enjoy eating. Also, you will get the chance to take a walk with observing the historical site. Neung Won Garden opens daily at 10:00 AM and closes at 11:30 PM. The price of meal range from 9,000 won for Pork galbi per plate to 35,000 won for beef galbi. Admission for Seo Oh Rung is 1,000 won for adult and 500 won for child age under 18. It opens at 6:00 AM and closes at 5:30 PM. The best time to visit Seo Oh Rung is from May to September. To get Neung Won Garden, you need to go to Nok Bun station, subway line 3(Orange line). Then go to exit number 4 to take the bus number 702. You can also take the bus from subway line 3(Orange line), exit number 3 Won Dang station. You need to get off at the ‘Seo Oh Rung’ bust stop. When you get off from the bus, you can see the Seo Oh Rung and Neung Won Garden is on the left side of Seo Oh Rung, which is 10m away. For more information, you can reach to Neung Won Garden at 02-356-7767. For more information about Seo Oh Rung, please check out the following website.


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