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About Jinju sung

16th June 2007

If you want to know about a part of Korea and travel somewhere you don’t know yet, you’d better visit Jin-ju sung(castle) which can be the best place for you. You can enjoy nature, learn about the history of Korea and eat delicious roasted eels. Shall we go there now?

First, aren’t you sick of city life? Here is the place you can share nature. There are many gorgeous trees, beautiful small flowers, singing birds, some small wild animals like squirrels, butterflies and a middle sized river, called “Nam gang” in Jin ju sung. You can have a relaxing time with our family, friends or alone. There are some 100-200 year old and about 15-20 meter trees which have been living since Jo sun dynasty age (before Korea, it was Korea’s name). It will provide you with most relaxing and peaceful time in nature.

Second, here is a chance to learn some part of Korean history. there is a museum which is called “Jin- ju national Museum” it offers a chance to see many aged properties of Korea but mainly all about Jo sun dynasty. This place can be a good place for some people who want to learn about the history of Korea or just know about Korea more, even though you are not very interested in history. Just visit the museum. You don’t need to be under “Have to learn” pressure. And there are other places you can learn or enjoy the history things, one is a temple, named “Ho guk sa”,the other is a big stone. There is an old true story of it; there was a patriotic woman who was a Gi-saeng(It is similar to Geisha), Non gae. When Japanese army had a party on the big stone, she decided to kill the admiral of Japan and held him so tightly and jumped down into the Nam gang. Now it is just a wide plain stone next to the river actually it has this story. So the stone’s name is “Non gae stone” or “yui am – meaning ‘right’ ” when we stand on the stone we can feel the split of Non-gae. You can see her portrait which looks like an old painting on a Chinese drawing paper, read the story and the war story between two countries, Korea and Japan during Jo sun dynasty.Isn’t it interesting? So this place is good to learn about the un-well-known history of Korea.

Last, after having a picnic, are you looking for a restaurant? Here it is. You can go to the street of well-organized roasted eels restaurants in front of Jin ju sung side gate. Jin-ju is widely known for roasted fresh water eels in Korea. Many people want to visit Jin ju not only to go sight-seeing but also to taste the eels.The eel places are almost everyday crowded and noisy because they have so many to-Jin ju visitors. You can have two different taste eels in these restaurants , one is spicy sauced the other is only with salt. If someone like children don’t like spicy food or isn’t good at eating spicy things, it’s ok you’ve got another option with salt! But the eels are kind of fishes so they’re smell strong and fishy, so if you don’t like something fishy, you’d better not choose the eel places, unless you are not in this case, you can enjoy being the place smelling grilled eels. “Roasted eels” is loved by people of all ages and both sexes, it is also known for healthy food. The price is very reasonable, not high and you can be serviced free sodas (in case of good luck) and some side dishes such as Kim chi, salad, sauces which are all free in any eel restaurant. Your hungry stomach will be filled with delicious eels. Choose any restaurants on Eels Street, you never going to regret it!

In conclusion, Jin ju sung is one of the suitable places for tourism in Korea. There is gorgeous nature and some historic place, buildings and scenes inside Jin ju sung which is also important to understand some part of Jo-sun dynasty and Non-gae and you can stay your stomach right after tourism. Don’t miss your chance to go there!! Jin ju sung is open 24 hours and admission is free except from 9 am to 6 pm (which are high-demand times), during 9 hours admission is 500 won/an adult, 400 won/a teenager and free for children. Meals range is from 2,000 won for ra-men to about 15,000 won for roasted eels. You can reach Jin ju sung on foot from Jin ju cross-country bus terminal (see the below map)l, it takes only 5-7 minutes or use a taxi, just say “Chok sung lu ro ga joo se yo. it means “go to chok suk lu”, it is only a base rate (now 1,800won) from terminal to Jin ju sung.

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