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A Bowl of Korea

18th June 2007

When you are in a foreign country, the two most important things are to experience different cultures and have fun. So I would like to introduce a restaurant that is Korean style and good after having partied all night. So you can experience our culture and get your self ready for another day of fun at the same time. The restaurant is called Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk. You sould go to Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk because of it’s delicious, healthy Korean style food.

Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk is famous for it’s rich spicy stew named Hae jang kuk. The soup is red and hot and smells like spicy beef stew, but it isn’t too spicy or heavy to eat. There are also many ingredients such as cow and sheep intestines, beef, sunji, bean sprouts. They are put into a bowl with other kinds of vegetables such as ginger, garlic, cabbage and radish, powdered red pepper and red pepper oil and boiled until all of it sinks into the soup. The best way to eat the chewy intestines is to dip it in soy sauce or red pepper oil. Sunji is clotted cattle blood and it is put in Hae jang kuk to make the texture more thick. It is very soft, so you should eat it with a spoon. After eating the solid ingredients, put rice into the soup and eat it together. There is no place like Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk where they put in so many tasty ingredients, and combine them so well.

Hae jang kuk is also good for your health, and especially good for hangovers. The word Hae jang kuk means ‘soothing stomach stew’. It is natural for Koreans to eat Hae jang kuk the day after they have had a lot of alcohol. The rich soup soothes the stomach and the hot taste awakens the tired mind. But it isn’t only about hangovers, it is also nutritious. The cow and sheep intestines and sunji all contain many vitiamins, iron and protein. Bean sprouts contain aspartic acid, which helps the liver dissolve the alcohol in your blood. By eating a bowl of Hae jang kuk, you can get all the nutritions you need for one meal.

Hae jang kuk is also a traditional Korean food. Koreans have been eating Hae jang kuk for more than a thousand years. It is served in a traditional bowl called Duke-bae-gi that is known to preserve the hot temperature for a long time so the food won’t get cold while eating. The soup inside the Duke-bae-gi would still boil after it is taken of fire, so you can see the hot soup still boiling when it is served on your table. Eating cow and sheep intestines is also something that isn’t common in other countries but possible in Korea. By eating Hae jang kuk, you can get a chance to feel more of Korean’s culture.

So if you want to have a tasty nutritious meal and experience Korean culture at the same time, go to Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk. It’s open 24 hours a day, so you can go there anytime you wish. One Hae jang kuk costs \6,000. To go there, take subway #3 to Shinsa station, go out exit #5 and go into the ally next to the gas station. If you go in 20 meters, and you will see it on your left. You can see the sign before you enter the ally. Eat a bowl of Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk and get ready for another day of fun.

Jinhwan Lee

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