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18th June 2007

You can always enjoy the mountains anywhere in Korea, but taking a walk in Mountain Jang-san, located in Haeundae-gu, Busan, might be a different experience. The road of Jang-san is not rocky, nor dangerous, unlike that of some other mountains. So even people who don’t like hiking or climbing mountains can enjoy it very much. In Jang-san, you can relax comfortably at the park, feel the beauty of a Korean temple, Jang-san-sa, and enjoy a fearless waterfall.

First of all, park at the entrance of Jang-san is a perfect place to spend time before or after you go to the mountain. There you can enjoy various exercises such as roller-skating, riding a bike, and playing badminton. There is a large lake in the park, so If you don’t feel like doing exercises, you can just walk slowly along the hiking course around the lake, or look at some gold fish in the water. It is a perfect place to relax comfortably.

Second, you can feel the beauty of a Korean temple, Jang-san-sa. When you walk about 10-15 minutes along the main road from the entrance of Jang-san, you’ll encounter a forked road. One fork is a way to a waterfall, the other is a way to Jang-san-sa. In Pok-po-sa, you can enjoy the quietness and peace that you’ll never find in a city life. You can see priests of the temple, and moreover you can participate in bowing to a beautiful Buddha statue. For those who want to have a more fun in this temple, here’s a tip. On the 8th of April of lunar calendar, which is Buddha’s birthday, you’ll have spicy and delicious Bibimbab, one of Korean traditional food, for free. At night you can walk along the road with beautiful, round shaped, and variously colored(pink, blue, etc.) lanterns hanging on both sides. Although we can find temples anywhere, I definitely believe Jang-san-sa is a special place for you.

Last, you can see a fearless waterfall. In summer, people can swim in the cool water beneath the waterfall. In autumn, when you would like to be alone, sitting on a rough textured bench and watching the deep blue water will be a terrific idea. It is a wonderful place for those who seek the real nature of the mountain.

Jang-san is open 24 hours a day, and anytime will be fine to visit except after midnight since it might be dangerous. So you had better not go there then. If you take subway and get off at Jang-san Station, all you have to do is go straight toward the mountain. It’ll take 20 minutes to walk, so you could take taxi, if you want to, since there is no bus line going straight to Jang-san. Again, It’s an absolutely beautiful place. So you can’t miss this wonderful opportunity of having a look around the incredible creation of mother nature.

Yura Hwang

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The Foret52, sweet time for great foods

18th June 2007

Do you want something more than a normal restaurant? Do you want a familiar place like your home? The Foret 52 is a restaurant worth visiting because it has a familiar and warm atmosphere, exellent foods and drink and interesting accessories.

The Foret means a forest in French. As the name means, the Foret 52 makes you feel warm and comfort. First, when you enter the Foret, you will see the wooden floor, wooden tables and chairs, which give you a feeling as if you are in a small forest full of trees and leaves. In Foret you can also listen to soft and light music like soft jazz. People talk pleasantly with their friends hearing peaceful music. Due to the friendly atmosphere, many girls love to go there. But the Foret is also desirable for the man who wants to spend pleasant time with his girl friends. The Foret is a proper place for refreshment. You can go there from 10am to 9pm on weekdays and from 10am to 5pm on weekend. The Foret closes on Sunday, holidays and every fourth saturday.

The Foret has excellent food and drinks. There are many restaurants around Hankuk University of Foreign Languages. Most of them are kim-chi stew, doen-jang stew or boo-dae stew with cooked rice. But people sometimes want something different. Unlike any other rice restaurants, you can choose sandwich or rice roll. You select the type of food you want, for example big or small size, that is very reasonalble. There are also various choices in tasty. If you prefer a vegetable diet to a meat diet, you can eat ‘sweet pumpkin and potato’. If you are on a diet, you can eat ‘chicken theriyaki and sweet pumpkin’ that is made of chicken breast and song-i mushroom with chili sauce. ‘Tuna cheese corn salsa’ is one of the most popular menus. The fruit juice like kiwi or strawberry is also good for your health. There are not only fruit juice but coffee and fruit smoothie. In addition, it is also a strong point that you can buy a unique cake by only order production. There are many cake figures like house or man and woman. When you are looking for a special present, the cake will give you satisfaction. Rice rolls and sandwiches range from 3300won to 5100won and cakes range from 15000 to 30000won according to size and design. The healthy drinks cost from 2000 to 4500won.

The Foret is not only a restaurant but also a accessory shop. That is somewhat odd but very interesting. Suppose that you ate delicious foods, talked with your friends and also bought pretty earings and hair bands. That sounds very pleasant. The Foret has earings made of precious stone, necklaces and hair bands. The price of an attractive hairband is 5000won. To get there, take subway #1 to the Hankuk university of foreign languages station. Go along the street and turn right at the corner of ‘Camore’. Go straight and turn left. You can see the Foret 52 on your left side that is on the second floor of the second building.

The name of 52 means the story of the bible that Jesus gave hungry crowd enough foods with five loaves of barely bread and two fish. Like the name the Foret 52 always tries to provide delicious food and drinks. And you will be also restful with sweet scent of fruits and wooden interior. Accessory shopping at a restaurant is also unique experience. Although the Foret is a small place of 6 tables, the restaurant gives you much more pleasant food time.

허명례 (Betty)

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Yongsan E-Sports Stadium

18th June 2007

Don’t you want to feel dynamic cultures of Korean youngsters? The cultures are so fascinating that you don’t want to lose a chance to see. There is only one place in Seoul to see their cultures all together, which is “Yongsan E-sports Stadium”. It is the first stadium in the world, only used for computer games. You might be unfamiliar with this stadium. But once you get there, you will know that Yongsan E-sports Stadium presents you with many interesting things; a high level of games played by professional gamers, recent information of popular computer games and some shows made by talented Korean youngsters.

You can see a high-level of computer games played by professional gamers like Starcraft, Warcraft, etc. You might think, “What it would be a big difference with my game?” But there must be a big difference you cannot even imagine. Professional gamers usually spend more than 10 hours a day to play computer games, which is their job, not their hobby. Some of them make good money as much as a salary of pro-baseball players or pro-soccer players. And the gamers show their games in Yongsan E-sports stadium which a lot of youngsters want to see. If you want to see high skills of computer games, or if you want to compare it with your skills, you should come to Yongsan E-sports stadium.

Yongsan E-sports stadium also has a variety of recent computer game’s information. On second floor in the stadium, there is some place where you can enjoy the newest computer games for free, playstation, X-box and many other games. Every computer game company shows their state-of-the-art game in the stadium to find out how people react to their game before releasing it. So we can play the newest games which are not even released in the market. Furthermore, people can find out what games would be their tastes. If you like the new game after experiencing it, you can buy it right there. With hundreds of the newest computer games, you might not be unaware of the passage of time.

On every Friday night, the stadium has a show that you cannot miss. Korean B-boys are showing their rap and breaking dance in the show, which has already been acknowledged in the world by winning many world dancing contests. Many Korean youngsters are coming to the stadium to enjoy Friday night fever of the stadium all together. Besides, the show is so famous among B-boys of the world that many B-boys from other counties come to the stadium to see what the best breaking dancing is like. Like this, Korean youngsters are making a big party in the stadium every Friday night.

Aren’t you already excited? Yongsan E-sports stadium has much more meanings than any kinds of normal stadium for Korean teenagers. It is a liberated area where our kids are getting rid of their stress and making a new culture by watching computer games, doing computer games and having a big party. You might as well see it directly if you want to feel Korean youngster’s culture. The Yongsan E-sports stadium is located in the I-park mall connected to number 4 gate of Yongsan station. It opens from 10AM to 11PM every day, except Monday. If you need more information, feel free to call 016 9797 8707.


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Nashville Steakhouse in Itaewon

18th June 2007

The tendency of people getting tired of travelling abroad isn’t an exception while visiting Korea . I have seen foreigners who love to eat Kalbi and Jab chae but still, eating Korean food three times a day for a few weeks can be a painful experience for visitors. Also, explaining every single thing to the waitress and having no one to ask for information are hardships you may encounter abroad. Nashville Steakhouse, the 20 year old restaurant located in Itaewon, is a place where great American food is served, has a lively and free atmosphere filled with foreigners and its neighboring shopping district is a place where you will find just about everything.

Nashville serves delicious food. Most of the items on the menu are steaks. T-bone steak, New York strips, “Nashville Special” are all big, chewy, juicy steaks served with fries or mashed potatoes covered with gravy. Vegetarians or those who worry about high calories can also have vegetable “Nashville Special” served with bread. The good thing about Nashville is that they have an open kitchen and you can really smell and see the meat being roasted. If you are not into steaks, they also serve a variety of other menus such as home made burgers, lasagna, spaghetti etc. Nashville’s chilli burgers and it’s fries are famous for thick and rich chilli sauce. Personally, it’s the second best chilli I have tasted since I came back from Nevada. It might not be as spicy as in America, but tabasco sauce is in the sauce basket where you will also find ketchup, steak sauce, mustard etc. Unlike usual family restaurants or fast food restaurants, they serve alcoholic beverages to go with your meal. Nashville is the best place for meat lovers craving for steaks and burgers served with side dishes and beer.

Nashville’s atmosphere is pretty lively and free. It has an extension on the third floor of the building and the basement is the steakhouse. The extension is furnished with pool tables and a bar. People can enjoy music varying from rock to hip hop, play pool and have a drink. The food from the steakhouse can also be delivered. At the steakhouse, which is less lively than the extension, you can also enjoy dart games and DVD movies on a big screen projector. If you find the extension a little too noisy with all the people talking, drinking and listening to music, take a rest at the steakhouse. The smoking section is separated from the non-smoking area but I suggest the non smokers also to dine at the smoking section for the movies. The place is pretty large and I don’t think you will be disturbed by the smokers. One more thing to mention about Nashville is that all waitresses speak fluent english. You do not have to explain or learn about every single thing about your dish and they are kind enough to inform you about travel tips in Korea. The owner is American and most customers are foreign businessmen and GIs. Nashville’s atmosphere is pretty free. You can drink, talk, play pool and darts, enjoy music from your home country.

Nashville is located in the middle of Itaewon shopping district which is the mecca of shopping in Korea. From leather apparels, to sports goods (one of the biggest Nike retailers is situated in Itaewon), knock offs, jewelry stores, tailor shops and costumes shops, antique shops are all at a 10 minute walk from Nashville. Leather apparels, jewelries and suits from shops are all sold at a very low price comparatively to the department stores. Sports brands like Nike, Adidas, North Face are all retail shops having more diverse and cheap products than usual shops and as most of their customers are foreigners, they have more X-Large sizes than any other shops in Korea. About the knock offs, many people say that Korean made knock offs are unrecognizable and even a department sales clerk won’t be able to recognize them. One thing that might catch your attention is the way merchants try to drag people into their shops, but you do not have to worry about it because they would not do this to foreigners. At night, if you are worried about drunk GIs or other accidents, the Military Police patrols the vicinity on foot along with Korean policemen. Itaewon is a safe, one stop shopping district where you will find everything you need at one place.

Nashville Steakhouse is a delicious, free and lively atmosphere and relaxing place to stop by while travelling in Korea. Not only do they serve great food but inform you about travel tips about Itaewon and of Korea. To get to Nashville take the subway line number 6, get off at Itaewon station exit number 4. Walk down the road toward Nok Sah Pyeung station for about 20 to 25 meters. Nashville is located on your left down the stairs. You can’t miss it. But in case you see Outback Steakhouse, then turn around and go back about 5 meters. The best hours are after 9 for the extension and after 6 for the steakhouse. They always open for lunch and the prices vary from around 10 thousand won to 30 thousand won. Bon appetit.

Jung Jae Chang

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Famous beach in Pusan

18th June 2007

Are you having trouble choosing how to spend your summer vacation? Do you want to go to a beautiful beach this summer? There are many beaches in Korea that you can enjoy with your families and your friends. I’ll tell you about one of the beaches where you can spend your summer vacation enjoyably. One of the famous beaches is in Pusan. Pusan has a lot of beautiful beaches and that’s why many tourists go to Pusan to spend the summer vacation there. One of the beautiful beaches where you can go while you are in Pusan is called 다대포(Da Dea Pho): which has a mountain, beautiful sites, and most of all delicious foods.

다대포 beach is one of the beaches that has everything at the same time. First, this beach has a mountain beside the beach were you can go for a walk, take fresh air, and also to enjoy the beautiful nature, too. This mountain is called 몰운대 mountain. They named like this because in Korean it means that this mountain gets foggy everytime it rains. It’s hard to see a thing because it gets blurry all day. Besides the fog, it’s hardly to see something. Once when you are there, it will feel like a haunted forrest. It’s kind of scary, too. You can hear birds singing, but it will be a little scary when you stay alone in the dark. That’s why they named it like that. But the bad thing is that you can’t enter this mountain after 7 O’clock, because it gets dark and you might get lost. And the other thing is that there’s a small army watching of anyone who goes in. The army is there to protect the nation, too. So we are safe, and we don’t have to worry about any trobles that happens to this mountain. This mountain will stay forever in this beautiful beach.

The other reason is that many tourists come to see the beautiful site of this beach. Even many photographers from other regions comes to take pictures of this beautiful beach. Even I wanted to take a picture myself. It will be a good place to go with your lover because it’s so romantic there. The ocean is so wide and blue. Also the color of the sand is golden yellow and when you step on it, feels so soft that you might want to walk on barefoot. This ocean is famous for its sun setting. Most people come at the end of the year to see the sun setting. The people says that the sun setting of the last day of the year might give a luck for the next year. So a lot of people(mostly Korean), comes and prays for their wishes.

And for the last, the food there is very delicious. You can enjoy various types of food. One of the best of the food there is called 해물칼국수(white sea food noodles). This food has sea food like; shrimps, shells, fish. This food its not spicy hot, it’s a cooked food, its hot. And the smell is so good that you might want to faint. The special thing about this food is that the noodles are made by hand. So the noodles are more delicious and gummy. This noodle tastes very good and you will fall in love with its flavor. There’s a lot of small restaurants near the beach where you can eat this food. And the other food is the famous “raw fish”, who all the people eats when they come to any ocean areas. You can eat cheaper and fresh in Pusan.

In conclusion, the good thing about all this three things above that I mentioned before, is that they’re in a same place. So you can enjoy by not going or walking too much from the beach. All the thing that you have to do is to enjoy yourselves. This place is very easy to get to. It’s on the opposite side of 해우대. You can take the bus number 98 from 서면(SeoMyun) and come to the last stop. So you have plenty of time to rest in the bus. It takes about 45minutes to get to 다대포 beach. If you want to go by subway, You have you transfer to another bus. And that will take more money, so it’s not a good idea. And about the food, the “white sea food noodles” costs like about 3.000wons for each person, bur it’s served in a big bowl so you can eat all together. That bowl is all combines for the amount of people who’s going to eat, so has to serve yourselves. Try to visit this beach and have a great time and a beautiful remembrance.


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18th June 2007

How unfortunate would it be if the travelers visited Korea and left without trying a meal from ‘Tov’? Very sad! What is ‘Tov’? It’s a fusion Korean restaurant located by a marvelous Baekun lake in An-Yang Si that offers not just a great food and service, but the view and a lasting experience. The name ‘Tov’ means good in Hebrew and the restaurant is run by this popular soccer player, Ahn-jung Hwan’s mother and his wife. It is one of the Korea’s tourist attractions for people of all ages. Tov give full satisfaction in all ways with delicious food, beautiful sights and a healthy feeling.

First and foremost, the important factor in choosing a good restaurant is the food. The food at Tov is amazing. There we can taste Korean dishes added with bit of Japanese and Italian style. First time visitor usually won’t be able to know what to order but here in Tov, they offer different ranges of set menus for the customer’s convenience; green soured cool cucumber soup to keep your tongue cool and fresh, a sweet orange warm pumpkin soup, delicious white tofu nicely mixed with mushrooms, Tang-Pyeong Chae which is a jelly with mixed vegetables, pork with mixed vegetables along with Mill Jun Byeong, a thin tortilla made of corn, and a fried fish along with a seasoned raw tuna fish followed by the soybean soup with many side dishes. That sounds like quiet a lot to digest, right? But the courses are designed so that that by the time you put your dessert spoon down, you feel the portion was just right. The amazing set menu starts with just above 25,000 Won. For dessert you will be served Korean traditional beverage with small dishes of fruits; Shik-hae or Soojung Kwa, a sweet beverage to smooth your stomach and make you relaxed. Every course has its’ own unique taste that is suited for both foreigners and local alike and you will enjoy guessing what will come next each time you finish the different thing.

Now it’s time to move on to out next favorite topic: the view. Baekun Lake where Tov is located, the view is absolutely stunning. Tables are set so that al guests are able to enjoy the tranquil view of the lake. Once you enter the restaurant, you will be escorted up stairs where the wooden floor spreads out and supported by clear wall to wall windows. The interior is very simple, white and modern with a hint of Korean traditional style. Once the sun goes down, the night view adds a very classical feeling with the moon reflection on the lake. A serving of warm green tea and the low classic music will relax your mind and prepare your soul to receive the experience.

At last but not least, Tov gives you a healthy feeling. After finishing your meal, put your shoes on and walk around the garden located right out side the restaurant, have a chat and feel the wind that passes by the lake. If you feel like walking around the lake, you may do this as well. Having a great meal in a wonderful environment and taking a walk sure will get rid of all the stress and just keep your mind more fresh and relaxed. Out side the restaurant, more entertainments await; clean air, quiet water movement, birds, and sound of the crickets. As the Korean saying ‘An apple in a day keeps a doctor away’ goes, a joyful meal at Tov will definitely keep a doctor away.

Okay how do you experience this wonderful part of Korea? Where can you find this amazing place? Tov is opens from 11:30am~3:00pm, 5:00pm~10:00pm every day except Sunday. Lunch menu is 17,000 Won and dinner sets starts at 25,000 Won. To get here, take the subway, blue line number to off Indeokwon Station; find exit 2, take the town bus number 2, and get off after 5steps. You will see Tov on your left. Parking is available as well. Call 031-426-7001 for reservations. Tov is a restaurant where it not only satisfies you with a wonderful food but also a breath taking view and makes you feel healthy.

김유나 Youna Kim

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A Bowl of Korea

18th June 2007

When you are in a foreign country, the two most important things are to experience different cultures and have fun. So I would like to introduce a restaurant that is Korean style and good after having partied all night. So you can experience our culture and get your self ready for another day of fun at the same time. The restaurant is called Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk. You sould go to Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk because of it’s delicious, healthy Korean style food.

Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk is famous for it’s rich spicy stew named Hae jang kuk. The soup is red and hot and smells like spicy beef stew, but it isn’t too spicy or heavy to eat. There are also many ingredients such as cow and sheep intestines, beef, sunji, bean sprouts. They are put into a bowl with other kinds of vegetables such as ginger, garlic, cabbage and radish, powdered red pepper and red pepper oil and boiled until all of it sinks into the soup. The best way to eat the chewy intestines is to dip it in soy sauce or red pepper oil. Sunji is clotted cattle blood and it is put in Hae jang kuk to make the texture more thick. It is very soft, so you should eat it with a spoon. After eating the solid ingredients, put rice into the soup and eat it together. There is no place like Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk where they put in so many tasty ingredients, and combine them so well.

Hae jang kuk is also good for your health, and especially good for hangovers. The word Hae jang kuk means ‘soothing stomach stew’. It is natural for Koreans to eat Hae jang kuk the day after they have had a lot of alcohol. The rich soup soothes the stomach and the hot taste awakens the tired mind. But it isn’t only about hangovers, it is also nutritious. The cow and sheep intestines and sunji all contain many vitiamins, iron and protein. Bean sprouts contain aspartic acid, which helps the liver dissolve the alcohol in your blood. By eating a bowl of Hae jang kuk, you can get all the nutritions you need for one meal.

Hae jang kuk is also a traditional Korean food. Koreans have been eating Hae jang kuk for more than a thousand years. It is served in a traditional bowl called Duke-bae-gi that is known to preserve the hot temperature for a long time so the food won’t get cold while eating. The soup inside the Duke-bae-gi would still boil after it is taken of fire, so you can see the hot soup still boiling when it is served on your table. Eating cow and sheep intestines is also something that isn’t common in other countries but possible in Korea. By eating Hae jang kuk, you can get a chance to feel more of Korean’s culture.

So if you want to have a tasty nutritious meal and experience Korean culture at the same time, go to Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk. It’s open 24 hours a day, so you can go there anytime you wish. One Hae jang kuk costs \6,000. To go there, take subway #3 to Shinsa station, go out exit #5 and go into the ally next to the gas station. If you go in 20 meters, and you will see it on your left. You can see the sign before you enter the ally. Eat a bowl of Yoo myung kuk’s Yang-pyung Hae jang kuk and get ready for another day of fun.

Jinhwan Lee

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best ddeok-bok-ggi restaurant in Seoul

18th June 2007

If you ask any Korean on the street what he enjoys eating for snack, without hesitation, seven in ten people will say ddeok-bok-ggi. So if you are willing to make a venture at trying it, I can gladly guide you to the best ddeok-bok-ggi restaurant in Seoul with an incredible history of 27 years. At Ichon district’s Smile ddeok-bok-ggi, you will be stunned by the eagerness and the liveliness of the people, overwhelmed by the taste and impressed by the coziness the shop brings you.

To start, when you put one step into the shop, you will take one step back by reflection due to the passion and the activeness of the shop. While the “auntie” of the front makes the actual ddeok-bok-ggi and fries with big motions and shouts, her way of attracting people, the rest of the helpers are anything but tranquil. They are running here and there to take orders and deliver the dishes as quickly as they could, one of the typical traits we have. The crowdedly seated customers on the other hand, without distinction of age and sex, are eating voraciously and chatting excitedly waiting for their ddeok-bok-ggi to arrive. To get things more jumbled up, water and pickled radish are self-brought. Thus, with so many people and so many things to do, Smile ddeok-bok-ggi is full of spirit and enthusiasm.

Next, when you have adjusted to this atmosphere, then you are ready to get dazzled by the taste. So what is ddeok-bok-ggi? It is a pan-fried dish of sliced rice cake with minced meats, vegetables and various seasonings. Even though the quality of the rice cake is important, the seasoning controls everything. It has to be hot but somewhat sweetish, stimulating but not too much and not least, addictive. On top of it, the smell of ddeok-bok-ggi is very crucial, too. The spiciness stirs up people’s noses and waters their mouths. Also, the smoothness of the rice cake, ddeok in Korean, and the sauce’s redness seduce their eyes. In these aspects, Smile ddeok-bok-ggi is really beyond our control. It has this kind of magnetic forces which makes you to think back. That is why most of the customers are regulars.

Lastly, the home likeness is magical. It pulls more people in, off the street and as incredible as it may sound, makes the ddeok-bok-ggi taste even better. Even though the shop was extended and renovated last year, it is still very small and narrow. So it can only hold about 20 people but one side of the shop has sofa-like seats which are very comfortable. Also, unlike any other Korean snack shop, it is clean. There are dustbins for each table, so no dirty tissues can be seen on the table and the wall is made of white tiles which brighten the shop. The “auntie’ is also very kind and caring, treating each of the customers as if they were her children, always giving more than we actually paid for. Where in the world can one find a shop that is like one’s bedroom, a bit messy but cozy, and an owner who is like one’s mom, generous and loving? Nowhere but here.

In conclusion, when you come to Smile ddeok-bok-ggi, you will be taken aback by the passion, mesmerized by the taste and relaxed by the comfort. So for those who wish to try Korean snack, this is very good news as it is very easy to find. Take the no.4 subway line and get off at Ichon station. When you come out from the no.4 exit, turn left and the shop is only 100 meters away on the right side, next to the public bath ‘Su-Jeong’. It opens at about 11 and closes at about 8. Ddeok-bok-ggi per serving is only 1000 won and other junk food range from 300 won to 3000 won. For further information call 02-749-5507.


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Myungdong Kyoja Noodles

18th June 2007

Noodle is one of the popular foods in many countries. Of course, there are lots of different noodle cuisines in this world. In Korea, we also have various noodle dishes so if you can visit Korea in the future, I hope you will try one of them. Especially, I want to recommend ‘Kalguksu’ and I know one very famous ‘Kalguksu’ restaurant in Myungdong. The name of restaurant is “Myungdong Kyoja” which has over 40 years history. At this restaurant, you will enjoy the taste of ‘Kalguksu’, atmosphere and side dish.

First, this restaurant has great and thick taste of Kalguksu. Of course, taste is one of the important points to make good restaurant but some people choose restaurant because of price or location. In this restaurant, they are serving 4 kinds of meals; Kalguksu, Bibimguksu, Kongguksu and Mandu. All those are really good but Kalguksu is the most popular meal. Guksu means noodles in Korean and Kalguksu is noodle with hot soup. When they are making Kalguksu, most important thing is noodles. At noodle restaurants, making noodle is the basic work for them. Myungdong Kyoja use machine for making noodles. Next important thing for Kalguksu is soup of noodle. They use vegetables and special recipe which has included chicken. Those are making soft and rich taste. After they made noodles and soup, they consider decoration of the top of the Kalguksu. They use sliced cucumber, minced meats and small pieces of Mandu. Those garnish look more delicious than before. Sound of eating noodles makes people hungrier. Usually you have to wait quite long time and at that time you can hear sound of eating. You may come up the sounds like slurping spaghetti. Thus, many people endure long line because of Myungdong Kyoja’s unique taste.

Second, atmosphere of restaurant is one of the big reasons. Actually, this restaurant is not a quiet place to make conversation each other. However, you can recharge your energy after finish your meal at this restaurant. It looks like Korean traditional market which is vigor. In the restaurant, you can smell full of the soup which is similar as chicken soup. All waiters and waitresses are very kind and they try to give the best service to customers. Especially there is lots of tourist from other countries, so they endeavor to make good impression of Korea. This restaurant is always crowded so noisy can make liveliness. Also, waiters and waitresses are working very hard without hesitation so it feels busier than other restaurant. Even restaurant is crowded, they try to make good service, which is providing extra Kimchi, noodles, soup and rice as a free, among customers. That’s why many people recommend here.

Third, in Myungdong Kyoja, you can enjoy their special side dish. Actually, they provide only one side dish-Kimchi. Kimchi is the most famous and basic side dish in every house in Korea but Myungdong Kyoja makes their Kimchi by themselves. Everyday, they make new Kimchi so you can eat fresh Kimchi. In this Kimchi, they use lots of garlics and red pepper so it supplies better taste of Kalguksu. If you eat Kimchi before you eat Kalguksu, you may need Kalguksu as soon as possible, because Kalguksu has soft taste but Kimchi has little bit strong taste than noodles. Red color makes Kimchi more delicious. Color of Kimchi is same as other restaurant Kimchi but, taste is different. Many people think Kimchi is too spicy but Kimchi at Myungdong Kyoja is not too spicy. On the contrary, it has bit sweet flavor so this makes water in your mouths. Smell of Kimchi is stimulated your appetite. As you know, garlic is making strong smell but in this restaurant, garlic smell helps your eating. The texture of Kimchi is fresh and soft ,so even old people can enjoy the Kimchi of this restaurant. That’s’ why many people like their Kimchi as much as their main dish.

In conclusion, Myungdong Kyoja’s Kalguksu will give you good feeling and satisfaction of your appetite. Their excellent taste rather than other restaurant, animated air and special side dish make this restaurant. Myungdong Kyoja is in Myungdong which is one of the famous street in Seoul so after finish sightseeing at Myungdong, you can have lunch at here. If you want to go there, you have to take subway line number 4, which is blue color line, and then get off at Myungdong station. Go out through exit number 8, after that, turn left and go straight along this road. After pass one and half block, you can find Myungdong Kyoja on your right. If there are too many people, go one more block. You can see another Myungdong Kyoja on your left. Every item on the menu cost is 6,000 Korean won. If you want to know more information, you can call 02-776-5348 or 02-776-3424. You can take-out the food from the restaurant. It opens at from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm.

김성미 Sungmi

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Sports Club Seoul Leisure Zzimzilbang

18th June 2007

An interesting place where you can experience Korean culture is a Zzimzilbang. Zzimzilbang is one of the common and popular places to Koreans, and Sports Club Seoul Leisure in Ogeumdong is my favorite Zzimzilbang. Regardless of age or sex, many people want to go there for several reasons, to relax their bodies or to get rid of stress, or for some people it is a good place having a fun time with their friends or families. Three unique things that you can experience in this place stand out; the sauna, the spa and the snacks.

The first thing that you have to try is the sauna. In the hottest room such as a yellow earth firing sauna room, it might be hard to breathe or tolerate the hot air. Nevertheless, if you can stay there more than 20 minutes, your body will be all in a sweat and flushed up with the heat, and you can also feel relaxation of muscles as if you had done exercise. Many people love that feeling so become a sauna addict. If you don’t like to be clammy with sweat or don’t feel comfortable with a strong heat, you can choose another room, an oxygen room, which keeps up the temperature at 50°F with refreshing and fresh air. In fact, this room is not for sauna, but you can take a break in this room where is alive with chatter, laughter and a TV sound. Each sauna room has its special theme and uses the relative materials with the theme.

For instance, ceramic cave sauna room, which is my favorite room, has 10 holes of the same size for each person filled with real sawdust. When your body is touched with the sawdust, first it will be a little coarse, but soon it will be your cushiony bed, and further you will feel comfortable with a faint smell of sawdust. Sometimes people fall asleep while doing this sauna and it is all right for a couple of hours. Like this, you will have a fun experiencing the various types of sauna rooms with the themed interior of each room, and you can choose the room on its specialized theme.

The next step to experience Korean culture is a spa. After sweating, you certainly want to take a shower, but in Zzimzilbang, you have to take a public bath. If it is your first time taking a public bath, you might be embarrassed or will be shocked just seeing many naked people even though all of them are the same sexes, who are chatting with each other, doing a hot tub together, and rubbing off other persons’ dust. Besides, the voices of people and the sound of a splat reverberated through the bathhouse. It could be uncomfortable situation. However, once you get accustomed to it, you will love this bathhouse because its interior is also very attractive. It is decorated with a natural theme using threes, stones, sands, and even waterfalls. Although some of them are artificial, you could have an illusion that you are enjoying the spa in the middle of the forest because of the haze of steam from the hot tub, cold water scent, and murmuring. Entering the room, you can see various types of spas. Some of them are named by the temperature of the water like a high-temperature spa called as “Yeol Tang,” a bathtub with warm water called as “On Tang,” and a cold tub (60~62°F) called as “GeupNang Tang.” Others are named by the material of bathtubs.

For example, “Hinoki Tang,” especially its bathtub is made of lumber, a real material from Japanese cypress which is rich in ‘Hinokitaor.’ So, you can certainly feel like you are in nature due to its faint fragrance of cypress. Even though bathing in open place is a little awkward, soon you will be pleased with the beauty of nature and diverse spas.

At the end, you should try Korean food because after those all activities, you must be hungry because your body had been transpired which made you exhausted and hungry. So, you don’t want to waste the time searching for food. There is a good restaurant to appease your hunger, where provides you with various and tempting Korean traditionally food, and my recommendation is ‘Meeyokuk,’ a seaweed soup. It can be little slippery picking seaweed with chopsticks, but you don’t have to use them, drink it just stirring up seaweed and chopped meats into one bite-size. It could look like a thick broth because of seaweed which had got very soft soaking up water, but it tastes more like a beef broth than a seafood soup because of the chopped beef, and its mild and rich taste will suit your palate. It is not necessary only for satisfying your hunger, but also you are in need of water because you have been dehydrated from sweating. Thus, it will be a perfect food for you if you drink a bowl of seaweed soup. Further to introduce Korean traditionally food is ‘SikHyae.’ It is a kind of a sweet drink that was made from fermented rice. Moreover, when it is half frozen, it tastes better.

It tastes even better if you drink it right after sweating and coming out from a hot sauna room. Having Korean traditional food after you have experienced Korean culture will give you feeling of knowing about Korea.

In this place, you can have a great fun by relaxing yourself in various sauna rooms, bathing or doing a spa with other people, and trying food which is good for your health. Seoul Leisure is open 24 hours. Admission is 8 thousand won from 9am to 5pm and the other time is 10 thousand won, but you can get a discount when you print out the coupon from its website. (www.sstown.co.kr/)

To get to Seoul Leisure, take a subway number 5(purple line) and get off from Bangiee station, and get out from number 2 exit. You can find a narrow path on your right, then follow the path straight about 200m. Then, you can find 4 floors building. Sports Club Leisure, on your left right in front of an indoor driving range, and get off from Bangiee station, and get out from number 2 exit. You can find a narrow path on your right, then follow the path straight about 200m. Then, you can find 4 floors building, Sports Club Seoul Leisure, on your left right in front of an indoor driving range.

Juyoung Hwang

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